Our new ship was designed to make the most ambitious, difficult ocean exploration dreams possible

Curiosity is who we are. It is exciting, it is thrilling, and yet
it’s also slightly terrifying. There’s dangers to it, there’s risks. The
seafloor is in a barren desert, it’s so incredibly alive and it’s connected. The
first time you dive on a site, you don’t really know what to expect. You reach
into the unknown, you are gonna come back with something. That’s been my drive—to discover things. To uncover mysteries that we can then solve. If it
wasn’t on Earth where would it be? The greatest era of exploration is still
ahead of us. the decision was made to build a
state-of-the-art research vessel. OceanXplorer 1 is a paradigm shift. It
views ocean exploration in a different way. In order to go to these very remote
locations on the Earth, and study in these very hostile situations, one needs
a very advanced technological vessel that can carry enough people and enough
of these modern tools to those locations to explore them in ways that have never
been explored before. We have this ocean research vessel called Alucia which
we’ve been running for several years. Over that time we began to realize some
things we’d really love to have so we began this kind of imagineering stage
where we started, you know, wishing and hoping about what we want. There’s a worldwide movement happening right now because we need to know more about the oceans and protect them. Human activities are beginning to dramatically impact the health of the ocean. At the
same time, technology has allowed us to study parts of the ocean, explore parts
the ocean, we never could do before. So in order to do that we had to build a
vessel that was capable of this extreme oceanography and marine biology and
ocean exploration in the deepest parts of the ocean. But at the same time, do it in
a way that we could capture that in the most beautiful, brilliant storytelling
medium we could. So to take these amazing things that really only
scientists and oceanographers get to see and reveal them to the public. On the new
vessel, we created a fully independent launch system, so we can simultaneously
launch a submersible, a remote operated robot, and we can launch a helicopter, all
at the same time. We felt very strongly that having humans
in the ocean plays a key role in ocean exploration and storytelling. We all want
the audience to see the full art of the science that’s happening, so we’ve added
all these other components in terms of dry laboratories and wet
laboratories. The audience will feel that they’re right there in the middle of the
action. What it’s like to be a scientist, what it’s like the filmmaker, helicopter pilot
or sub pilot. It’s a crucial time right now to have a vehicle like this built with
the sole mission of revealing to the world absolute beauty and grandeur of the ocean. So my hope and dream for this vessel is
in 15 years we’ll look back and much like space exploration vehicles, we’ll see
a shift in human knowledge and human understanding about the ocean, but also
an enrichment of human life.

23 thoughts on “Our new ship was designed to make the most ambitious, difficult ocean exploration dreams possible

  1. Thank you for the reupload. Did you make the mistake and made it a children content, or was this the algorithms fault?

  2. What are you seeing down there, as far as the effects on sea life, from the gulf oil spills, now a decade out from their start?

  3. Damn good looking ship I'm looking forward to seeing it in action I hope we get to see some of the lab etc being used down the track as well.

  4. Is the high tech vessel built or is it still under development? If not where are you going to have it constructed China possibly. If the US is considered Aker Philadelphia Shipyard is sitting idle at the moment and could use a new build!! Hint Hint! New design look amazing!

  5. The work you do is incredibly Amazing. Love watching you guys explore the oceans. Keep up the good work to all of those involved!!!!!!

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