Our New Life, living in a boat (Ep. #1)

Welcome to our new life we let our family, friends and our house. Everything we left behind us i let my friends, my school and my football club we let everything to live on a boat for new experiences to have new experiences welcome on board give up everything to live your dreams your dreams has to be bigger than your fears if not – try it again hello to everybody, dear friends and family in switzerland Hi dear family, how are you and they never arrive next day. remembers me a little my Mexican people back home we are here but we didn’t left the marina but at the same time it’s not so bad what we are doing here at the Yacht Marina what are doing here we what we are doing here like every morning my morning coffee this is the classic coffee machine to make my coffee today I’m very happy because I found almond milk very good facilities, a/c, 24h hot water today we ll make the inventory doesn’t matter what language you can choose we need to check what we bought what is missing listen, each time you take something from the big table All needs to write it down on the list what we took to keep the control what we have in stock ok, let’s stark working you write it down. And Lou help me to store it This things as well? No this not I want to write as well ok, she can draw the inventory things you can draw it, ok? but the truth is, she help me more with granting the things. She is very good in this. How many of the pasta? 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 count them all, 11 what are you doing, Lou? I am … granting the things and counting I did a list everything in Spanish a list whit all the goods we bought so it’s a inventory list, yes to check what we have in stock on the boat, very good I have fried eggs but there are things that i don’t like ah so bacon and fried eggs All what did you ordered? Clubsandwich, wow! and you, Liset, what did you ask? a fish, with potato and salat and myself? Turkish salad all the meals together 20 dollars, very cheap here Kids, what are you eating? Cornflakes and a drink with strawberry flavor and it smells so good, smell it! this is my song unfortunately they don’t give me the right to use it but now it’s time for a drink ok, let’s drink i tested already before it’s fake for the video at least look me in the eyes this is the cherry on the cake the little point on the I (Swiss) end your day like this what can I tell you what can I tell you, behind the moon the moon the music accompaniment the truth is so your big adventure starts thanks for being a part of this check out our homepage don’t miss it and thanks a lot when you watched till here more videos are coming tomorrow, tomorrow we ll make (german) what we are gonna to do?(german) sailing (german) tomorrow we ll start sailing (Swiss) good evening (german) good night, love you my friends

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