Origin 600i Explorer Review – A Star Citizen’s Ship Buyer’s Guide

Origin 600i
A Star Citizen’s Ship Buyer’s Guide Preface
I’m going to tell you everything you need to know before buying the Origin 600i and
were starting right now. Introduction
Welcome to “A Star Citizen’s Ship Buyer’s Guide” What’s up Citizens, this is SubliminaL
here and today we’ll be discussing the features, functions, and benefits of the Origin 600i,
with a comparison of how those features rank amongst competing ships, so you can make an
informed buying decision. The next ship in my review series will be
the Mustang Gamma, I would like to know your thoughts on it, and what ship you’d like to
see next down in the comments. If you are a SUBscriber or familiar with my
review format you can hop to the time on screen to get started unless you would like to see
exterior footage of the 600i. For everyone else. If we are just meeting I’m SubliminaL, my
passions are PC gaming, Star Citizen, and Content creation, this channel brings them
together in harmony. The primary focus of this series is to review
a ship’s data and compare that data to similar ships you might also be considering, so you
can make an informed buying decision. We’ll start with a brief overview, followed
by a stat comparison, we’ll cover weapons, ship components, take a tour of the ship interior,
review some pros and cons, and finish up with my thoughts on the ship being reviewed. For comparison, I pick around 10 ships that
may be similar in price, part of the same variant, or class, and likely to upgrade from
and to the ship being reviewed. The comparison slides will feature the ships
values and rank amongst those ships, along with the names and values of the best and
worst ships. A google sheets document with those ships
and data are linked in the description. This information is sourced from multiple
sources some with conflicting data, I have chosen the data that I think is most accurate. Information and thoughts reflect the CURRENT
state of the ship and the Persistent Universe. When changes to the ship or PU are pertinent
I will make a follow-up video. I hope you enjoy this review if you do check
out some of my other reviews in this series, consider subscribing, and if not your feedback
is greatly appreciated. Now let’s catch up to everyone else. Overview
The Origin 600i Explorer is a multi-role luxury vessel that features an exquisitely detailed
hull design that balances performance and versatility in a sleek and timeless form. The 600i is designed with a cutting-edge modular
technology, allowing you to customize your ship for your needs. It is manufactured by Origin Jumpworks, a
Terra based, spaceship and engine manufacturer of high quality and luxury products. The 600i Explorer is one of 2, 600 series
variants. The 600i Touring is also available. A review on it will be coming soon. The 600i is currently flight-ready. It is unavailable for purchase on the pledge
store at this time, but originally sold for $475, and on average sells for $411 on the
grey market. It is not currently available to purchase
with in-game credits. With that out of the way Let’s see how it
compares to other ships you might be considering. Comparison
For comparison, I have selected the following 10 ships. The Google Sheets Doc is linked in the description. Now let’s get to it. The 600i comes in at around 268,000kg. It has a max crew size of 5. A cargo capacity of 40scu. Has over 29,000 hitpoints across its body. It’s shield generators can withstand over
87,000 hit points of damage. This is where the 600i really sets itself
apart, the Hammerhead is the only ship currently in the game with more shields. Features a gun DPS of almost 2,000, as well
as its theoretical DPS of over 9,700. Its missiles do almost 25,000 damage. Its fuel tanks hold 30,000 fuel units. Its max yaw/pitch rate of 30deg/sec is pretty
good compared to the competition. Has an SCM speed of 145m/s. Its 975m/s top speed is also pretty good for
a ship this size. It takes 42.91sec to reach max speed
Its quantum drive has a 74 megameters/s quantum speed. So travel from Port Olisar to Hurston will
take you 7m14s. Enough time to watch one of my videos. It has a QT range of 128 gigameters, so it
can travel from Port Olisar to Hurston 4 times before needing a refuel. And finally leaving Hurston’s atmosphere will
take you about XmXXs. Weapons
Let’s talk about its firepower. The 600i packs 3 size 5 hardpoints with 1
Size 5 M7A Laser Autocannons each These M7A’s have 2,400 energy damage with
32rpm for a total of 1,300dps and a 7,300-meter range. It features 2 remote turrets, with 2 size
3 DR Model XJ3’s each These XJ3’s have 310 distortion damage with
280rpm for a total of 1,400dps and a 1,700-meter range. For Missiles, it has 4 size 5 MSD-543 missile
racks with 4, size 3 Arrester III’s each. Arrester III’s are CrossSection, have 1,553
mixed damage, a 3.89sec lock time, and an 9,000-meter lock range. This is a total of 12 missiles. Components
Now for the components, The standard components available on the 600i are as follows. It has 1, size 3, Grade C, Civilian, FrostBurn
Cooler. 1 size 3, Grade C, Military Class, SuperDrive
Power Plant. 1 Size 3, Grade C, Industrial Class, Stronghold
shield Generator. And last but not least we have 1 size 2, Grade
C, Civilian Class, Odyssey Quantum Drive. Interior
Let’s take a look at the interior. Coming up the cargo elevator we enter into
the Cargo hold. The cargo hold of the 600i is big enough to
practically fit an URSA rover, 2 Cyclones, 2 dragonfly’s or nox’s, or 24scu on the
cargo racks. Moving on we enter a hallway with an elevator
to the right and stairs to the left. Well go down the stairs and enter into the
barracks. The barracks have 4 beds to log out in. Next, we have a room with some type of cabinets
and escape pod. Moving on we have a locker room and 2 bathrooms. Now, let’s go back to the other side of the
lower deck. To our left, we have an elevator and straight
ahead we have a captains quarters. Please be aware of the DEATH ZONE walk there
at your own risk. To our left, we have a console and our right
has a wall plant? Now lets head to the top deck. Upon exiting the elevator we have some escape
pods for the bridge crew. To our left, we have the bridge. The bridge features a Pilot seat with 4 multifunction
displays. A Co-Pilot seat with 2 MFD’s and access
to the top remote turret. And an assistant to the co-pilot seat with
2 MFD’s and access the bottom remote turret. Leaving the bridge we enter into a loft style
room that overlooks the cargo hold. It also holds 2 scanning stations that are
not functional in 3.4. Moving on we have elevator 2 to our right. We’ll head up the stairs and into the armory
with access to suits and weapons. Headed back well enter into the common area
with a bar. Next we have a couple of seating areas. Down to the lower level we have access to
some of the remaining scu not found in the cargo hold, to our left, we have an engineering
room with some cool spaceship stuff. Heading back we have a kitchen to the left. Continuing on we have another room with cargo
racks. And another engineering room with more spaceship
stuff. Next, we have a rec room with a pool table. And finally, we have a media area with a tv. Pros vs Cons
I would say its pros are, its shield capacity of over 87,000 for sure, a max/yaw pitch of
30m/s for a ship this size, Its max speed of 975m/s is also pretty good. Its missile payload is noteworthy, and of
course, well… it’s beautiful. Just to name a few. It’s cons are, I feel its use of space could
have been better done, its 40scu seems a little low for a ship this size and It may have been
cool to see an included snub fighter. It’s riddled with bugs, you have a homicidal
bedroom, elevators are bugged sometimes, so its best to leave and exit through the cargo
elevator, and the white sphere in the middle of the MFD’s are blinding. Although there is a fix for this just reduce
your shields down to 90%. Why? Because Alpha that why. Other than the obvious cons that come with
a ship this size, that’s all I can think of. My Thoughts
I think the 600i is a superb addition to any fleet. Its shield capacity is considered by some
to be OP and can turn the tide of any battle. $475 is a lot of money but not in comparison
to other ships in this class. The design is really where the 600i gets me. The clean and exquisite lines are simply jaw-dropping. It may look like its design was inspired by
a bedpan, but it’s the most beautiful bedpan I’ve ever seen. The next ship I’ll review will be the Mustang
Gamma let me know in the comments what you like and dislike about it. Did you like this guide? Like it! For more weekly star citizen content, Subscribe
by hitting the bell. And comment what ship you would like featured
in the next episode of “A Star Citizen’s Ship Buyer’s Guide”. Until next time citizens, I’ll see you in
the verse.

99 thoughts on “Origin 600i Explorer Review – A Star Citizen’s Ship Buyer’s Guide

  1. What do you think of the 600i?
    What are your thoughts on the Mustang Gamma, im going to review next?
    My Response: WHAT! Funny thing, throughout the last couple of months being kind of a new player (backer since 14') I've been told so many times that that room kills you so I seldom walked past the door. Also, I always turn left, I guess, when leaving a room so when I turned and saw the plant wall the pause I made was my jaw dropping. So I would have forgotten about it if I knew there was a bathroom in there.
    It has 16 Missiles, not 12. I don't math…
    I have been informed that zooming all the way out will make the glowing globe disapear or get alot smaller.

  2. Hah, You missed the bathroom in the Captain's quarters πŸ˜€ Although I'm not surprised, It's hidden pretty well near that plant you talked about

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  5. I appreciate you try to fit into 7-12 minutes I guess. Its great idea. I love how you try to save time by "fast walking" (another improvement). But this specific video needs like 2 more minutes. Would still fit into 12min video. Thanks to this (so you) I find out I know very little about 600i. I somehow assumed its like 300i beauty, but not so good, buy it for pleasure when you have money. Maybe you could go little slower thru missiles and weapons. Just "add" there like 10sec. Must appreciated by me is sharing pics and sheets with public. Some youtubers dont do it to prevent "stealing". Or they are just lazy.

  6. Not sure you want to go into these kind of videos, but (not only) noobs can have many questions. What if i lock missiles on enemy ship and he runs away? What if he QT?

  7. And I was missing direct comparison to Touring. Maybe in 600i, Freelancer, Reliant, Cyc, would be a good idea to have review like this – and then compare it to rest? At least when only 2-3 mods exist? Like 600i? So 1*15min video instead of 2*7 or 2*10min video. But it also has disadvantages and its only what I would prefer. Maybe simple images or chart/sheet would be better. Again Thanks for awesome videos. In my SC_youtubers_folder_bookmark you have first place πŸ˜‰

  8. Inspired by a bed pan. Shit dude, that is the funniest thing I've heard all week. Caused me to laugh so hard it set off my asthma. πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

  9. I love my 600i explorer this makes me want to keep it forever! and shame on you for putting that bedpan image in my mind !

  10. While I like the overall look of the ship even with the poor use of space, I just don't feel like it does very well at being an explorer. There is not a lot of fuel and no med bay. There are the really odd locations of the engineering section, a huge waste of space in crew quarters any many other rooms, no beds for non crew guests, and the lack of bathroom for rec area. Then the really odd design choices like the scanner seats not facing the globe, or the bartender upskirt window.

  11. And I have to add, how stupid is it on CIG's part to pre-install grade C civilian class ANYTHING on a $475 luxury ship. A Bugatti comes with carbon fiber and titanium components, not Honda Civic leftovers. Saying they want us to upgrade it ourselves is not logical with this class of ship.

  12. Awesome video. I would say as a new player (almost three weeks so forgive me if I'm completely wrong) I would have expected it (for it's size & price) to be more along the lines of the Carrack not the Aquila in terms of additional features onboard. Personal, I'd be ok with that even with a higher price above the Carrack.

  13. Great vid. I see in the comments people already mentioned the missed bathroom and missile count. About the only thing I can add is that the Explorer variant is supposed to come with an Origin Rover that's replaced with a Cyclone as a loaner.

  14. Pro: It can also be said that it is the only vessel with artificial gravity in the passenger elevator πŸ˜‰

  15. That about sums it up! If they end up nerfing the shields, it'll likely get melted. So far, the Connies do just about everything the 600i does a little better for less money and other than the Taurus, they all come with a snub fighter. (exploration mechanics aren't in yet)

    As for the Gamma, it's not bad for the cheapest and slowest racer. Unfortunately, the other racers are all "limited" and rarely go on sale. Of all the racers, the 350R is the fastest, but is least maneuverable. where the M50 has the Mustang beat in both departments. I'm not sure where the MISC Razor fits in since I've only flown it once.

  16. Hey! thank you very much. I guess you missed the secret door of the bathroom in the captain's quarters.

  17. Another solid video! πŸ™‚ I like that you make "classes" of ships, it really helps to understand what type of ship it is.

  18. yo SubliminaL your Videos are Top-Notch you deserve way more Subs and Views! Great Videos like always! good job, great work! never give up!! you could get 100k subs if you make videos these top notch! in my honest opinion you are the best, quickest ship reviewer for Star Citizen to date! so much info in so little time! i love it!! good job!! The Tactical Gamer, Over and Out! See you in the Verse Citizen!

  19. I'm an Origin whore, so my Constellation got immediately upgraded to 600i Explorer.
    Yes, it's a bloated whale, and has tons of wasted space.
    But that's just the first pass. Perhaps some issues will be addressed.
    But even with the wasted space, the 600 is like my home in space.
    I'll use it for trekking out new jump points, mineral deposits, derelicts, etc.
    Once I find something of interest, I can bring out the Carrack, Endeavor, or Reclaimer.
    It does make me sad it gets no snub fighter for planetary exploration.
    I'm hoping a further revision gets it probes (like the Carrack) or something of that nature since it is lacking the snub.
    But I guess time will tell if I just end up using the Carrack over it anyways since it might trump the 600i in every way.
    Regardless, I'm keeping my 600i just to show up to social scenes.

    Mustangs…yeah I dunno, just not into starter ships due to the outclassed specs.
    Mustangs seem to have a great view, but for its role, I have my M50 and 350R.
    Again, I'm an Origin whore.

  20. Love the video, but im not understanding where youre getting the HP / Sheild / Weapon / Missle damage numbers from. I thought that damage stats werent properly implemented into game yet?

  21. Excellent quality vid with great speach pacing and graphic overlays. I'm amazed I haven't seen your stuff sooner.

    Still waiting for Origin's competitor to the Constellation and Corsair (I pledged for the pre-bloat 600i with the smaller dimensions it was offered with in the concept sale)….

    The turrets are also currently misleading. They appear to have clear, useful firing arcs, but they have practically no elevation or depression.

    Also, to anyone who's complained of the crew quarters not having individual staterooms, I can say this is actually a HUGE practical benefit if you ever suspect a stowaway and need to room clear the ship. Source: firsthand experience.

  22. I love it from the outside, but the inside annoys me in places.
    The captain's quarters are fine (if buggy) but the crew quarters are absurd and seem neither luxurious nor efficient, and the rear lounge area is too spacious for it's own good. (not that it should be smaller, but there should be more going on and things like chairs shouldn't be so spread out.)

    The bridge is fine, but the needless empty rear area is weird.
    The crew area should be replaced with some small cabins. (there's more than enough space for that.)
    Other than that, it's a nice ship…

  23. I tell you true I would not pay over 150$ for this ship, it’s really empty and boring ship with so much luck of β€œwow”. Only price is WOW

  24. Lol damn you a can never unsee a bed pan lol and actually I think the out side of ship is ugly the constellation looks nice but the interior is very nice

  25. I wish at least they would make it where you can walk around without your undersuit,, it blow mines that there are pockets where's no oxygen smh

  26. This is my favorite overview yet of my favorite ship. Very straightforward. Missing the captain's bathroom was a minor thing. Subscribed.

  27. I really like the effort presentation and thought put into your videos, and I love that you dig into the attributes of the ship rather than just give it a walk around. I do wish you'd spend a little less time at the start of the video selling yourself and just get into it more quickly; the content sells itself.

  28. this ship is just a plain waste of space … it's disturbing how wasteful it is, that barracks is a fucking joke

  29. I was thinking of selling my warbond 600i explorer, cause I don't think the games going to go very far to be honest.
    Although this video makes the ship look very sexy

  30. The ONLY comparison that really matters when it comes to the 600i is against the Carrack, problem is 1: the carrack isn't available yet and 2: neither 600i or the carrack exploration packages have been properly explained, for example, carrack supposedly will have a very advance radar for exploration, considering the 600i is all about luxury and top dollar instrumentation i would expect the 600i to have better equipment than the carrack ever will. if not, what is the fucking point of an exploration 600i !

  31. Something i was thinking about today: how cool would have been if they added the option to darken the glasses of the captains quarters, using the laptop on the desk….

  32. Would love to see you do a side by side comparison video including the 3 main medium size exploration ships (600i, Aquila, Corsair).

    Great vide o7. Got the Corsair but if they nerf it I may just switch to the 600i.

  33. I just see tons of wasted space for storage that would have made this a much more profitable ship to own that cavernous barracks is a joke. you could fit a whole dragonfly with plenty space to move around. Anyone feel the same? Could they not add a center pillar dividing the room with lockers and a gun rack?

  34. Can this ship function properly if you're solo ?
    Also, you say there's no snub fighter, but if I'm not mistaken the exploration variant is suppose to come with a rover of some kind.
    it is just not implemented yet.

  35. Great video mate. The 600i needs a medical bay of some sort though. Man the 890 feels so comfortable compared to the 600i.

  36. First video I’ve seen on this channel; instant subscribe, great editing quality, perfectly informative and all in a short and easily consumed package.

  37. Hey Subliminal and Happy New Year!

    I know this is a comment on one of your older videos, but I just wanted to say you encouraged me to unmelt this beauty of a ship.

    If you've not done one already could you be convinced to do a buyers guide of the Vanguard Sentinel?

  38. Although some of its spaces…could be improved, i still love this ship
    Its really awesome for a crew of 1-3 people and do everything you want
    Plus its capabilities in combat are really good
    And if you cannot win you just can make a good run away haha
    And regarding the bugs…the devs will fix them (hopefully) ^^

  39. When the cons are glitches that come from the game and use of space but nothing else.
    Crosses out the glitches and looks at use of space as luxury
    Seems like a good buy

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