One child dies, another is still missing after being swept out into Oregon Coast

11 thoughts on “One child dies, another is still missing after being swept out into Oregon Coast

  1. Why would you risk your children's safety? All the warnings we've had that these tides are dangerous. Now he has to live with himself that he killed his 2 tiny children. So devastating and sad.

  2. Who the fuck risks their children by going out there this time of the year. YOU STUPID FUCKING MORONS. YOU SHOULD EXECUTED WHERE YOU STAND

  3. I used to have a house on the Oregon coast. It would infuriate me when I would see people taking stupid chances in the winter with the surf. These poor kids died directly as a result of their fathers stupid decision. Who takes their kids to the beach during king tides, and would even take a 1% risk with their kids lives. RIP little ones, my heart hurts for you.

  4. These where my cousins and uncle and family I'm so sad I'll never see their precious faces ever again I really feel bad for my uncle if he had known a sneaker wave was gonna go as far as the shore he would have known and he probably under estimated the power of the waves I'm so sad my little boy William and my little girl Lola my cousins are gone and I feel so bad my uncles wife I know theirs gonna be fights or maybe a divorce and it's gonna be really hard on my uncle and he will blame him self even though it wasn't his fault rest in peace babies hopefully your in a better place now….

  5. This is very sad. I hope the boy's body is found. Prayers to the father for his emotional and physical recovery.

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