ONAK 2.0 origami inspired folding canoe is lighter, stiffer and stronger than aluminium

following on from the original owner
origami inspired folding canoe the team at onac has this week unveiled their
second generation origami canoe in the form of the aptly named onak 2.0 pledges
are available from euros 1395 and worldwide shipping is expected to take
place during April 2019 onak canoes are constructed from an in-house developed
honeycomb curved polypropylene composite which is lighter stiffer and stronger
than aluminium the fold lines are flexible so they can be folded and
unfolded thousands of times and when it comes to the end of its life the canoe
is fully recyclable canoe size 465 centimeters X 85 centimeters trolley 43
centimeters X 123 centimetres X 28 centimeters and canoe weight 15
kilograms with an onak 2.0 we really focused on allowing you to get out there
on the water in a seamless experience the first generation of our own AG
canoes already broke some records in the speed in which they can be assembled but with the onak 2.0 this now can be done in a more intuitive straightforward way
our production is both sustainable and social this is why we only work together
with local suppliers in Belgium and Germany on top of that the canoe is
assembled in Belgium in a sheltered workplace

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