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Hello you guys and happy Wednesday! So, in today’s video I’m taking you guys with me on my trip to Newcastle I’m going on a cruise ship so that is so cool and I hope you guys will enjoy today’s vlog Enjoy watching Meanwhile… In the bus So we just checked in and we are going on board now. I’m so excited, I’m honestly so excited So this is my bed and I have the softest blankets This is my outfit of the day. But wait, maybe this mirror will show it a little bit better. I am wearing this grey denim pants or whatever, pants chains, a spiked belt, a cropped top and a, I don’t know if you can see it but it’s fishnet tights These spiked hand cuffs, a leather bomber jacket and I love bomber jackets And my shoes So yeah, we’ve arrived at the ship and we checked in to our room and I made my bed and stuff and I showed that to you guys I just found this key-chain which I like so I would like to get it It has glitters and stuff and the English flag so that’s pretty cool We were just on deck and it was really windy so we got back inside and the ship has a delay of 2 hours so we will leave 2 hours later and we’ll arrive in Newcastle 2 hours later too So we just came back from the deck and it was so beautiful but also scary which made it exciting Because, I don’t know, it’s insane that you can see so much up there. You can see the entire sea and it’s really dark as well but you can still see a lot And we are back in the room right now. I just had diner and I’m about to take a shower right now So that was day one. It was pretty short but I did enjoy today very, very much. I just took a hot shower and I’m about to go to bed We will arrive in Newcastle tomorrow so I’m looking forward to that Good morning everyone, so we are almost arriving in Newcastle And I am so excited. I’m going to shower in a bit and then we are going to have breakfast So I have bread, and cheese, and wedges, and a hard boiled egg and cucumber Yes I put potatoes on my sandwich :3 As desert I’m having a fruit cocktail and yoghurt and cornflakes Outfit of the day: I’m wearing a black skinny jeans, a laced top and I love this laced top. I’m wearing my ankh necklace, a leather bomber jacket, my pants chain and creepers My skull Banned bag and my spiked hand cuffs So I just had breakfast and we will be arriving in Newcastle within the next 45 minutes So that’s so close and yeah The difference though 🙂 We are now in the bus on our way to the city of Newcastle We’ve arrived in Newcastle now and we are walking through the streets and I just bought myself this lovely smelling body butter from coconut and a clear nail-polish, a top coat because I needed it The cutest bath-bomb shop here in Newcastle! So last year I came here and I bought this delicious pizza. It was honestly the most delicious pizza I’ve ever tasted So we came all the way back here to buy it again and I don’t know if you guys can read the sign but it says: ‘Due to technical issues with our oven we can not cook today.’ So exactly today, I wanted to get this lovely pizza and they do not bake it anymore so that’s really sad and unfortunate These are so pretty In the fitting room of Primark trying to decide what to buy We just came out of the Primark and we’ve been in there for literally 2 hours or more And I have a huge bag so I will be doing a mini shoplog when we get back in the room We just bought this delicious rainbow cake and I’m about to show you guys what it looks like We are back in our room so here’s the shoplog I promised Starting off with this, which I usually put in my room to make my room smell really really nice I also bought this parfume from ‘PS Love…’ called ‘Noir’ and I love this smell It smells so nice, so nice So next I bought some ‘Stone cold’ fake nails And a topcoat And a lint roller because I really need it And a coconut body butter and this smells so nice I also bought a bunch of small bath-bombs Which also smells so nice, I wish I could let you guys smell it I bought this laced vest I also bought this super, super warm jacket And last but not least I bought this super cute little mirror We’re having diner at this moment and I’m having some bami, I have no idea how you pronounce that in English I have some ribs with apples and vegetables, so yeah So we just had diner and I’m so full but let me show you guys my outfit of the night Which is a dress, fishnet tights and my platform heels And a half leather jacket or whatever, my ankh necklace and some spiked bracelets So I’m going to take a shower right now and then go to bed Tomorrow we will arrive in The Netherlands and yeah that was it pretty much for today Also we had so much fun in Newcastle. Walking around, shopping, it was just so much fun, we laughed a lot Good morning again everyone. So this is the third day and we’re almost arriving back in The Netherlands So I’m going to take a shower now and then have breakfast Got my wedges again today and my bread with egg and wedges (don’t judge) Because it’s delicious. And cucumber So I’m showing you guys my outfit of the day one last time I’m wearing my leather bomber jacket, my white sweater, my ankh necklace, pants chains and a normal black skinny jeans and my creepers And my cross bag We’ve arrived back in The Netherlands and we are in the bus right now on our way to Amsterdam Central Station We’ve arrived back in Amsterdam right now so we have to continue our way to Rotterdam and then we will be home So I guess that was it for today I hope you guys enjoyed today’s video very, very much. Please give this video a thumbs up if you enjoyed it or subscribe to my channel for more videos and I will see you guys in the next video I love you and Stay Creepy 🙂

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  1. I am just amazed by this wonderful video! 🙂 This makes me happy and brightens up my day! I am proud to support such terrific content. I think you really outdid yourself and I hope you keep up the amazing work. I can't wait to see what's next! You really make watching Youtube vids more fun!!! I'll definitely be back to see what new creative content you'll bring to us!! I am already excited!! Have a nice day! 😀

  2. I want to live your life
    So happy that we have such a beauty on the inside and out in the alternative scene <3
    Stay creepy

  3. beautiful vidéo my frd I like much boat makeup and jeans and jacket I like much haïr and heart gothique in you and shoes♥♥♥💋😘🌹💖

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