OM Ships Intro

OM Ships International is a non-denominational
Christian organisation dedicated to bringing knowledge, help, and hope to the people of
the world. Since 1970, our vessels have welcomed more than 45 million visitors up the gangways
in over 150 different countries and territories. For many, a visit to one of our ships is the
first time they’ve ever had access to good, quality literature at a price that they can
afford. And this attraction often brings thousands of visitors to the ship each day. Our current ship, Logos Hope, features the
world’s largest floating book fair, and with over 5,000 titles of Christian, educational,
and children’s books, there is something for the whole family. Many people without access
to education have learned vital skills and have been able to enhance their lives through
a purchase from the on-board book fair. While in port the crew also come alongside
the people of that country in practical ways, providing water purifiers, eyeglasses, library
projects and more in an effort to share the love of God in a tangible way. God has used books from the OM Ships ministry
and the practical service of Logos Hope’s crew to impact countless lives for His glory.

6 thoughts on “OM Ships Intro

  1. WE are glad to be first to put a post for the ship. When the Ship Were a prayer in 1963.
    It was a blessing to help on Logos Hope in Germany and U.K. for a few weeks in our old age. Yes even in old age you can see Ruth play her Harp ( You tube Ruth and Robin Foster ) on Beachy Head Eastbourne. Praying for you all.

  2. Great Work!! Be encouraged!! that you are being prayed for everyday!!…I first visited the Ship LOGOS in Kolkata in 1979, when I was just 13… and prayed that I should be part of this ministry…later in my late 20's I joined OM Books Publishing in 1994 … and worked till Dec. 31st 2013. I'm Deena Benjamin, who was the Manager for Printing & Exports for OM BOOKS…till the end of my service . . . Just before joining OM Books, I visited the Doulos in Vizag Jan 01st 1994 . . . and then Logos Hope recently in 2011 or 12 in Vizag… Your WORK is great!! . . . and I'm glad I could be a drop in the Ocean of things you do for a while…
    God bless you all.

  3. Very very happy to see how God is using his people to spread the Gospel. I really enjoy for being part of this ministry OM and am sure that one day will be with the team. God bless you all.

  4. As 'n 74 jarige en afgetrede leraar is dit nog een van my onvervulde drome jeugdrome om 'n jaar die Here op een van die Logos skepe te dien en te verheerlik. Waardeer julle bediening baie  okkie britz

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