Oil barges collide with tanker, spill thousands of gallons of gasoline products into Houston shippin

Oil barges collide with tanker, spill thousands of gallons of gasoline products into Houston shippin Tens of thousands of gallons of gasoline product leaked into the waters of a Houston shipping channel after a 755 foot tanker collided with a tug pushing two barges each filled with 25,000 gallons of a petroleum product called reformate. The crash happened at about 3:30 p.m. local time near Bayport, Texas. At a press conference on Sunday, Jim Guidry, executive vice president of barge owner and operator Kirby Corp., told reporters that the tankers hull punctured two of four storage tanks on the barges, the Houston Chronicle reported. The bow of the ship went through the port tank into the starboard tank, so there was no way to secure the source of the leak, Guidry said, according the . Those two tanks were open to the sea. SHIP CHANNEL COLLISION: look at the impact of a crash involving a barge, carrying a toxic gas product, and a tanker. The Genesis River, the tanker, was carrying liquefied natural gas LNG when it hit the towing vessel Voyager, the U.S. Coast Guard told CNN, capsizing one and damaging the other so that it leaked the gasoline product. Reformate, a product used in blending gasoline, is colorless, flammable and toxic to marine life, noted . A good 9,000 barrels of the stuff spilled into the channel, Guidry said, according to . It also sent gasoline fumes wafting westward for miles, the National Weather Service warned, the Chronicle noted. The accident closed down the Houston Ship Channel for hours, and cleanup is ongoing, the Houston Chronicle said. Cleanup and environmental monitoring were being overseen by federal, state and local agencies, CNN said. Work is expected to continue throughout the day with an established priority of ensuring the protection of Galveston Bay from the additional release of product, officials said in a statement on Sunday, according to CNN. Air and water samples were also being analyzed to flag any harmful chemical levels.

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