Ocklawaha Canoe Outpost & Resort

– Good morning. This is Lesley Barlow, Watson Realty. I am on the Ocklawaha River this morning with Sean, my son. He’s a little shy, so he
doesn’t wanna be on camera. But Sean and I rented a kayak
with the Ocklawaha Outpost. And we’ve been doing so for years. We’ve been coming here for years. We really love it. The Ocklawaha Outpost, they’re currently renovating their cabins, so they’ve got overnight cabins. You can rent kayaks, canoes. And what we really love is that
when you make an appointment for eight, 10, or 12, they’ll load up the transport and take you to a drop-off spot. And right now, we’re
going an eight-mile paddle along the Ocklawaha this morning. It’s a bit of a foggy morning, but when the fog clears, we’re hoping to see some
alligators, monkeys. A lot of monkeys have been sighted, and so have some manatees, so we’re gonna keep
our eyes open for that. The nice thing about the
Ocklawaha is the current. So if you have shoulder issues, or you get a little tired, you’re still gonna be
heading to the Outpost. So give ’em a call. Ocklawaha Outpost. Fort McCoy, Florida. Get us away. (water splashes) – Where is he? – Right there. (water splashes) Let’s not get too close. (bird sings)

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