NEAR-DEATH EXPERIENCES | Sailboat Disaster Storytime [PART 1]

This is a hundred percent true story that
happened whilst i lived on a sailing boat. being of the seas definitely ensured some
weird practices in your upbringing, i didnt enjoy it, actually i spent most of my time
trying to escape the regime. because contrary to popular belief i did not
enjoy being stranded in the middle of the ocean on a piece of aluminium coated with
wood. i am not saying i dont appreciate the experiences
but i would not classify them as awesome. keep in mind i was stuck there with my mum,
you know her, cheer for reoccurring characters, and well, my step dad, to whom we’ll refer
to as doctor House from now on. i was going to call him snape, but Allan Rickman
is too hot, so at least now you get the vibe. it was like putting harry, and snape, on a
sailing boat, for 7 years, in the middle of the ocean. some of my responsibilities according to him
included everything from anything to do with the anchors, flags, ropes, cleanliness, breakfast,
not throwing up, shutting up, and anything and everything that they havent noticed yet
but i will be punished for not doing. so fun, so Dursleys. Our story begins on a beautiful day in Qualybiah,
where we set out on our journey to Sardinia. The first day was actually alright, i didnt
even throw up that much, which a surprise, here’s actual footage, feeling well good,
i must say. so apparently we devoured the shrimps and
then i passed out under the navigation chair in the living room, like i know what you
might be thinking, but no this was actually way more comfortable than staying in my room,
which is at the bow of the boat, and it was literally slamming at the waves, all the time,
you could hear everything, it was horrifying. as per usual that night, i got woken up to
help with navigation. i would sit on the table and watch out for
any rocks or debris coming our way, like, this, was all before digital maps were the
norm, agh! you dont want to be stuck in the middle of
the sea doing this.. [loud storm noises, lighting strikes, serene
voice] The night was rough, the waves looked madder and darker than ive ever seen before.. WOW, dramatic! id just like to say that if
youve ever been really deep waters in a storm, you will know the darkness and the wind from
hell that surrounds this sort of situation. but at least usually, theres these rings in
the sea that make it look endless, very calming, if you know what those are called by the way, comment bellow, let me know.. so we couldn’t see those anymore, a lot more foam
around us, than what you would usually prefer, a good 7 on the beaufort scale, not like bad,
but certainly dont want it to get any worse. also this wasnt just your chill ride in the
storm , the boat hit the waves so many times, the front hatches opened, for all of their
contents to fly out. soon things were breaking, and flying off
the boat, the sea double glazing our boat, my mothers precious roller blades, whooshing
up and down, she was desperate to fetch them, but we didn’t let her. throughout the night dr house was getting
visibly more intense, listening to channel 16, the international calling and distress
channel, glaring at the radar. unbeknownst to me the boat has long stopped
moving and we were now being pushed back, rather than going anywhere. at this point, we couldnt risk it. we had our flare gun ready, if the situation
called for it, the boat was slamming at the waves, the whole side path was in the water,
flooded, let me be clear, were in the middle of the sea, theres no one around, so im sitting
on the table and i hear: *loud thud* Something definitely hit the boat, but i didnt see anything. dr house turns from his navigation chair and
sternly asks me, what was that? now, i could have said nothing, but i said,
its the anchor. *dramatic music* i could have just agreed,
it was a barrel. but i repeated, its the anchor. i know the sounds of my chains 😉 and of course,
it was the anchor. with this realisation dr house had another
surge of insanity. and sent my mum, to the bow of the boat to wheel the anchor back onto
the boat, in the middle of the night. why? well he proposed the idea that the anchor
might get tangled into the propellers but there is 80m or make that 262 ft of the chain
on board, and now that it is in the water, the anchor is way past the phase of damaging
the propellers and way more into the phase of being lost at the sea. yet, he still decided to send MY MUM, THE ONLY NON DURSLEY FAMILY MEMBER TO WHEEL INTHE ANCHOR. IT WAS STILL THE SAME STORM RAGING OUTSIDE?! JUST THAT THIS TIME, THE REAL DANGER, IS THAT
done it. okay, maybe the hulk but my mum was certainly
not turning green just yet. from being dead? in the middle of the sea? alright, okay, ive got to stop here, part
2 will be up very soon, stay tuned, i would love to hear the rest of the story, but i
just cant upload a 10 minute video here. im sorry, ill see you guys soon! dont forget to subscribe and turn on the bell for nextweeks video. here’s a little teaser for next week: if she
falls of the boat now, in this wind, there is no way for me to retrieve her, from the
four metre waves, from the Mountainous sea, with him sitting inside the boat, and our
little life ring on the side.

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  1. Wow what an adventure!! I never lived anything as exciting as this, think at the bright side, you have stories to tell haha plus, can't belive Dr house/Snape sent your mum out in the storm -. –

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