Navy Skills for Life – Water Survival Training – Clothing Inflation

I’m HM1 Richard O’Dell, search-and-rescue medical technician at Naval Survival Training Institute Pensacola. And this is Petty Officer Trejo. Trejo is performing drown proof
which he’s going to lead into the floatation of his trousers. So, before we begin, it’s very important that you see on land
the knot that must tied on the pant legs in order for the flotation to work. As you see, I took the pant legs and crossed them over; then bring it through, creating that knot. Now, what you do is bring that leftover slack and push it through,
pulling that nice and tight. That’s going to hold the air in. Now, Petty Officer Trejo, as you see, he took his boots off and he’s removing his trousers right now. After tying the ankles together, he will then zip up the zipper and button the button. Once he completes that, the first one he will use is the overhead method. He will try and inflate, in one motion, both trouser pant legs so that he doesn’t have to use as much energy. Placing the pant legs around his neck he’s able to then float without using any energy. The second method is the splash method. He’s holding the trouser waist wide open while he splashes air into the trouser pants filling up both legs. And the final method is the underwater breathing.
So he’s going to take his breath hold and use that to fill up both trouser pants. By him continuing to blow into both trouser legs, this allows the floatation to hold
for extended periods while waiting for a rescue vehicle to arrive.

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  1. As a future BPE (PE educator). we need to teach student on swimming, and Im glad this thing help me a lot in my lesson plan, THANKS!

  2. Thanks for an awesome video! 🙂 I'm doing this for my swimming badge in American Heritage Girls!! Thanks for serving our country!! 😀

  3. There are many of components to prepping.
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  4. When we wore bell-bottom dungarees, we didn't need to remove our boots; the pants fit over them.

  5. A cruise crew member who fell over board lasted about 24 hours in open water before he was found. I wander if he used this technique cause I don't think it's possible to tread for 24 hours lol

  6. 0:27 教官右手的褲腳要在內側,左手的褲腳在外側,然後結環拉緊。其效果是有很大區別。

  7. Just saw that German guy that used this tactic, does anyone know if you have to re-inflate the pants every once in a while? I’d assume the air would leak out over time.

  8. I'm glad it worked but I did it in a different way. First put a knot in each leg inflate the jeans and squeeze the waist between your legs then put it under your t-shirt. Lay on your back and float with both hands free that will give you the ability to navigate in the waves and to wave with both arms. Makes it easier to get spotted and it's a better isolation in cold water. Then breath out under the t-shirt that will help also to keep the upper body warm.

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