Navy Ship’s Serviceman – SH

The coffee shop is named after Mackinac Island because Gerald R. Ford is from Michigan. Did I say it right? Y’all gonna cut that last part out? The most popular places on the ship are the vending machines, the ship store, and more than likely the coffee shop. Our job on board the ship is to provide snacks to the crew, to provide morale for the crew. Our day usually starts off, we come into the store and make sure all the bar codes are up, make sure everything scans, and everything is in its right place… … for when the store opens it’s presentable to the crew. Everybody comes in and starts shopping. We usually provide the customer service to everybody, ask them do they need help with anything. Some of our other duties as Ship’s Serviceman are cutting hair. Most fun thing about my job is getting to meet people and see people. Doing the crew’s laundry… You wanna make sure your uniform is clean, sanitary and smelling good. Also learning accounting within our rate so inventory’s on stock. We also have mustering, making sure everybody is accounted for, everybody’s safe. Our main purpose here is to make sure all our junior Sailors are actually getting full benefit of the barracks room. We want to make sure they are comfortable, and they are living in the best living conditions possible. And it’s a wrap!

15 thoughts on “Navy Ship’s Serviceman – SH

  1. You really went joined the military just to run a convience store or do someone else's hair or laundry? Not passin judgement but still tho

  2. They all get paid the same so if that guy is a barber easy ass job im a barber on the civilian side i would do that on the ship and chill and get to see cool places and do a whole bunch of shit

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