Navy Secretary Denies Report He Threatened To Resign | MSNBC

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  1. A President is Commander in Chief, for 4 years, maybe 8 if they are lucky. Some of our past Presidents actually had served in the military, giving them a deeper understanding of the military culture. Most other Presidents had the respect for the Armed Forces to listen to the advise of the Commanders, politically appointed as many Cabinet officials and Secretaries of each branch tend to be, and the Joint Chiefs regarding the disposition of the military, as well as not interfering with matters of discipline that follow a strict code of conduct.
    This President is not any of the above.

  2. What a F up …how things have changed…., I would have thought that a US Navy Seal would rather fall on his sword… rather than put his team “Navy” in a possible negative spotlight…
    How many Men and Women b4 this guy have sucked it up.., & took it on their shoulders alone…, rather than be a drain on the team in anyway…
    Thought it was all about the Team … not self.. shame

  3. The man who hugs the flag so vigorously doesn't seem to have a problem with someone disgracing his uniform by committing atrocities while wearing it – a uniform Trump was too chicken to wear.

  4. Gallagher is such a psychopath that other SEAL team members had a group chat called The Sewing Circle where they messaged about how to handle and deal with him; one member said that he shot more warning shots to scare away civilians, in order to save them from Gallagher, than he actually shot at combatants.

  5. Eddie Gallagher is a sick human. With no conscious. Sure, in war, there is killing. But to have someone in the field as judge, jurior, and prosecution is dangerous for our military and for our country. We(US) are better than this.


  7. Great new book out. Race Hoax: How the left is trying to start a race war. It covers hundreds of race hoax crimes and real hate crimes that never get reported on because it doesn't fit the medias narrative.

  8. Your schools is full of brainwashed fluoride drinking spoiled brats that cant even tell you who a dictator is your msm and gaagle script all your chants look in the mirror and see what a n a z i looks like cupcakes.

  9. Anyone getting their sentence commuted by the imbecile orange orangutan is utter trash, by definition. Obviously, Gallagher is not an exception to this simple rule.

  10. This is surreal, Trump is a reality TV host who has managed to turn the administration into some twisted, (other dimensional) reality TV show.


  12. he killed likely a girl and detainee, now he will get money for retirement and probably a compnasation 1,7 mln dolars, will sit no one da in jail. Dozens or maybe hundreds innocent people just like these special agents of FBI were injailed, probably tortured by cia, then slandered and achieved no justice, . It makes no country in this world, only USA, it is disgusting injustice.

  13. Critics: Al Sharpton, Corey Johnson holding up menthol-cig ban
    By Rich Calder

    November 24, 2019 | 8:15pm

    Al Sharpton and Corey Johnson
    Rev. Al Sharpton and City Council Speaker Corey Johnson
    Robert Miller
    When the Rev. Al Sharpton calls, City Council Speaker Corey Johnson apparently listens.

    A bill to ban menthol-cigarette sales in the city has garnered overwhelming support in the council, yet Johnson refuses to bring it to a vote on the floor — because of concerns pushed by the Rev. Al Sharpton, whose organization rakes in dough from the top-selling US menthol-cigarette manufacturer.

    Sharpton and his powerful National Action Network have lobbied that a menthol ban could potentially lead to more black residents being harassed by cops for possessing illegal cigarettes.

    But Sharpton critics note that NAN has a history of receiving big-bucks donations from R.J. Reynolds, which owns Newport, the top-selling menthol cigarette in the nation.

    Critics say the NAN-R.J. Reynolds connection is deeply troubling and that Johnson — who acknowledges he’s met with Sharpton to discuss the council bill — needs to consider the proposed legislation on its health-related merits, rather than the activist’s political clout.

    Assemblywoman Rodneyse Bichotte (D-Brooklyn) tweeted Friday that opposition to a menthol-cigarette ban deserves a serious look by state Attorney General Letitia James.

    “Disappointed in our civil rights leader @TheRevAl bought by tobacco companies 2 create false narrative on Menthol Ban in Tobacco that disproportionately target black communities, need AG @TishJames to file a lawsuit against this #genocide,” Bichotte wrote.

    Mike Seilback, the American Lung Association’s national assistant vice president of state public policy, said his organization is “really disappointed that Speaker Johnson seems to be putting politics ahead of public health.”

    Sharpton has repeatedly denied that R.J. Reynolds’ money plays a role in NAN policymaking.

    He maintains that a menthol-cigarette ban could create “another Eric Garner situation,” referring to the Staten Island man who died in 2014 after being taken down by a cop amid a dispute over selling illegal smokes.

    Still, among the bill’s biggest backers is the NAACP, which blames menthol tobacco for being a leading cause of African Americans getting hooked on smoking.


    Al Sharpton
    Al Sharpton raises concerns about ban on menthol-flavored cigarettes
    Reached by phone, Sharpton insisted that he is “not endorsing smoking” of any kind or “calling shots” on the council over the bill.

    The anti-menthol bill, pitched by Councilman Fernando Cabrera (D-Bronx), has the support of 37 of the 51 council members, well over the majority needed for it to become law — if Johnson ever puts it to the floor.

    Johnson’s office did not directly address questions about whether Sharpton has played a role in the bill being shunted aside.

    Instead, it issued a statement saying the speaker is “committed” to finding a middle ground to “address the public-health crisis associated with menthol cigarettes” after hearing “concerns” that a ban “would create a black market in a community that has been over-policed in the past.”

    Cabrera said that getting his bill to the finish line would likely mean reworking its language to include a “criminal-justice element” protecting against over-enforcement — as Sharpton has suggested.

    The push to ban menthol-cigarette sales citywide comes amid an even larger groundswell of support to pull e-cigarettes — with flavors like cotton candy and bubble gum — off store shelves amid a national crisis that has seen 47 people die from vaping-related illness in 2019.

    The council is preparing to pass legislation by Councilman Mark Levine (D-Manhattan) on Tuesday to ban flavored e-cigarette sales citywide.


  14. Crime is not a crime until I declare it to be so. Follow me on Twitter to understand true crime such as not putting up my picture on the wall our Ukraine Embassy.

  15. Is this the they said killed or ordered civilians killed or was this the one that supposedly killed the young isis kid?

  16. This is so shameful. Pardons and commutions are for when the letter of the law demands a punishment immoral and unethical, in the face of the reality of the curcumstances of which a criminal act was perpetrated. Not for pardoning and commuting war crimes shown to be commited with malicious, dehumanizing intent. That an aggrivating circumstance; the exact opposite of what calls for leniency.

  17. Wow, Bidden tells a legal immigrant to vote for President Trump!!!! Just 343 days until Trump will be re-elected!!!!

  18. Hi there. Eff off with your Bloomberg commercials, and start talking about Bernie. The only candidate the actual people who vote care about is Bernie.

  19. Of course ..this crimial went on faux news . Everyone with a LIE OR CORRUPTNESS OR WHO IS CRIMINAL…fayx news gives them the time on air . Really . After trump is in jail …americans ..we need to have talk with fox news …seriously.

  20. Last week was horrible for DEMOCRATS. It was also bad for DoD personnel who don't understand orders and Chain of Command. Hear that Vindman?

  21. After slamming five service members and their family, trying to bring his Al-Qaeda and Taliban business partners to Camp David ahead of the anniversary they and Donald danced on NJ rooftops together. Terrorist Trump hasn’t earned the respect of the Military nor the American People at large.

  22. In my opinion this man is deplorable. Watch how he never lets go of his wife while in public – he holds her hand (affectionate?? not really) and then how his hands are always around her neck, he 'holds' her shoulder, his hand round her waist – his body language with these particular body contacts are just like those of an abuser. I bet this woman could never leave him if she wanted to. He should never have been pardoned.

  23. Listening to MSNBC MJ and they had that has been loser of a women say losing this guy's trident was no big deal! You old know nothing hag who never served a day you don't know nothing about the meaning of that trident. You sit making comments and what others should be doing and you are a loser why does MSNBC have a loser giving advise then they say we're fair as Joe demeans his co-host all the time

  24. Once a slip knot….always a slip knot.i doubt your fellow team guys will welcome you in the fold, trident or not, ever again. Gallagher is a shameful representation of special warfare. But hey at least his flamboyant wife is still in tow. Karma WILL come.

  25. Dec. 9th reports will be released, it will be interesting I have a feeling, the audience here, will need their safe place, crayons and a stuffed animal, prepare ahead of time.

  26. Oh, where have you been, my blue-eyed son?

    And where have you been, my darling young one?

    I’ve stumbled on the side of twelve misty mountains

    I’ve walked and I’ve crawled on six crooked highways

    I’ve stepped in the middle of seven sad forests

    I’ve been out in front of a dozen dead oceans

    I’ve been ten thousand miles in the mouth of a graveyard


    And it’s a hard, and it’s a hard, it’s a hard, it’s a hard

    It’s a hard rain’s a-going to fall

  27. Bone spurs doesn't have near the intelligence to be the commander in chief. Our military has a thing called the rules of engagement which governs how our military acts during war and they have a procedure to deal with violations of the rules. The system that checks service personnel's behavior if they engage in illegal acts works and is a moral compass for the military. The moron in chief just undercut the system which reduces our standing in the world and benefits our enemies. Trump probably just made a bunch more Jihadis just as Bush did with his unjustified war in Iraq. I guess he thinks he can curry favor with the military while the GOP continues to find ways to "privatize" the VA health system we vets depend on.

  28. Eddie Gallagher enjoyed murdering innocent people so much other SEALs had to sabotage his rifle and fire warning shots to save potential victims.


  29. Richard V. Spencer playing dangerous games against President Trump.  According to the Pentagon statement, Esper learned Friday that Spencer had privately made an offer to the White House to allow Gallagher to retire as a Navy SEAL with his Trident insignia. The Washington Post reports that the proposal was "conditioned on the Trump administration agreeing not to interfere in the proceedings against Gallagher."

  30. Nah, this murderer isn't going to have a good life. He is done❗
    Criminal Trump isn't here forever to defend and pardon other criminals

  31. I could be wrong but aren't they still hunting Nazi for war crimes against humanity? So what's the difference in what Gallagher did and what the Nazis did to civilians in worn torn Germany?

  32. Trump's pathological cravings have seen him increasingly subvert our established rules of law and order. This will not stop. He has been given permission by the GOP to use the United States as a medicine chest for his ego and consequently, their greed.

  33. Does anybody remember General Stanley McChrystal? Back in June of 2010 Barack Obama fired him because he called his boy, creepy Joe Biden : "Bite Me"

  34. Being from a Military Family it is Painful and Disgusting to see a Bone Spur Monster Continue to Corrupt and Divide Every Entity Within Government to take the Focus off of his INEPTNESS and IGNORANCE of how Government Functions. He is angry that Most Americans are aware of his Weakness and Obligation to Putin. Therefore, he has to Appear TUFF to his base when in Essence he is WEAK of any SUBSTANCE.

  35. They fired the FBI director one day before he was to receive his pension and Trump didn't step in on that one because it was during the Mueller investigation against him. Once again abuse of power. Twitter should not be a place of governing

  36. Trump always sticking up for the worst types criminals ,murderers ,he feels a kinship towards the scum as long as they are white and privileged and his supporters , that is a pattern for this president elected by Russia


    Latest from the black conservative patriot channel, 393,000 subscribers, get the truth here.

  38. Even though the press is on a mission to destroy Trump, the stock market continues to rise, Dow was up another 161 points today.

  39. This dude was testified against by his entire squad for killing civilians yet he thinks he speaks for the seal community? What a joke!

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