Navy SEAL Dog Musher Jeff Reid of Frozen Trident Kennel PT 2

so one of the things that really kind of
intrigued me with your story there’s a lot of them is when you start talking
about the team cohesion and how similar it kind of sounds to the SEAL Teams and
you know at BUD/S like what they you know all the psychological stuff that
would go through and and you know peering each other out and all that kind
of stuff it’s it is almost I’m not gonna say identical but it’s the most
similarities yeah and that’s kind of like when you show up to the to platoon
right out of sqt or buds you notice the FNG s right and that’s exactly what
Claud is that’s exactly what bonnie is and Buttercup right now she cuz she
hasn’t really done much so these guys are like the unproven dogs whereas like
Brock is a freaking stud and proven he’s done several three hundred mile races
same as Loeb in Jason and Ozzy like they’re they’re like the core of the
team right now and those guys like I’ll pair them up so that way they learn from
actual proven dog and then you’ll see them know like they’ll be running if
they aren’t doing something right or if they’re not paying attention they’ll
snap at them not the hurdle but just a wake the hell up kind of thing and yeah
so that’s kind of how we just like you have like a see dad in the team you know
that’s what way you do here to kind of pair them up and at first if they don’t
get along they’re staying together until they do
that’s kind of how we run it here and it’s it’s been awesome because you can
kind of see it and it’s the they start as you do that more they start to die
they start to working it’s freaking awesome the other thing we
do is like the happy hour we let them run free we let them go out and it’s
just like like going out to the bar with your with your platoon it’s them blowing
off the steam of like hard training or like if we do a training session and
they just aren’t getting it it’s just a way for them to blow off like relieve
the pressure you know like blow off the steam and and it’s it’s been pretty cool
doing it and seeing how they the same mentality the same like way to get the
platoon to bond I bring all that into this and it’s it’s it’s been awesome
it’s been awesome how well it’s worked I wasn’t sure at first if it worked like
that but it’s a great holy shit you know it’s like one of the
coolest things I’ve ever seen yeah they love the rug so like how do
you know so how do you know if these guys are putting out or not you know
it’s the same thing like in buds whenever you are like duck and boat
you’ll see the tug lines they’ll just go slack and you’ll know like that’s either
one or two things either that dog just it’s hurt they did something or it’s
just not feeling right and especially it was this dog in particularly I know he’s
a stud dollar he’ll put out if he’s not pulling there’s something wrong with him
so then you got to think okay vet goes back to your vet like your mid stuff
like what’s wrong you check their legs out you check the wrists out and if
there’s can’t figure anything out you’re better off like you’ll put them in the
basket and run and go ride in your bag in the sled but like it’s the same thing
so like you see when we’re running the tug lines they were always tight that
run and when it goes slack that’s what is the equivalent of ducking boats and
one way to figure that out like why that’s not happening is some dogs or not
all right yeah it’s good a shape as other dogs yeah and
some dogs are just and are just physically stronger than other dogs so
you got to know what dog is your weakest link and yet the run of that that dog
Wow so how do you know do you think they
know I think they I think they know they know who the slackers are I think they
know walk away here we don’t have any placards yeah
how about it Clyde why is this guy on a platform this she ate a walk
and had to get emergency surgery so to keep her from eating rocks we built this
little dance platform for so it’s a multi-purpose she just hang on here and
me and Jerry Buss dance so what do we were doing happy hour this is what we
call happy hours this is a big part in our training just to build unit cohesion
you know this is where you figure out who gets along who doesn’t get along who
to watch out for it’s just a good team bonding right here this is this is where
it starts not in my opinion I think I think she’s my favorite she’s off right
here your girl come here Bonnie yeah hey so and top it like our summertime these
dogs it’s their time loss I don’t run them I don’t press them too hard we do a
lot of obedience training and this is a good way for them to blow off their
energy and it helps them still say in somewhat of shape so this is an awesome
way this is a team-building this helps them stay in shape and yeah they burn
their energy out and a lot of times these dogs will run more in just this
hour than most house dogs do so you can it’s one thing the misconception about
the change they think that they don’t ever get any exercise and that’s not
true at all yeah we make sure these guys get plenty of exercise they’re well
taken care of well we just saw him good I don’t know how many miles we just did
a five mile run and now they’re out pulling more energy so are you and Jerry
and a four-wheeler and a tank of gas and you were riding the brake a little bit I
don’t keep in third gear just to slow them down
yeah I know that be enough to learn my ass
earlier you were talking about sponsoring these guys how do I do that
because I want a sponsor look if you want to sponsor a dog go to frozen –
Trident or frozen TAC Trident calm and down there it will have a sponsorship
paid to the dog you also can meet all the dogs and read about the dogs as well
definitely go to frozen – trot intercom do you have apparel and stuff on there
we will be selling our peril or swag will have some gear out there to spy as
well yeah absolutely definitely check out that site so on the website we have
individual dog sponsorships they are on the first-come first-served basis
but if you miss out on sponsoring your favorite dog you still have a
opportunity to become part of the fan club so you still have an opportunity
that’s going to pack and support our team you’re gonna keep everyone updated
on each dog and how you guys are doing nothing else today what we were gonna do
is is every month we’re gonna pick a dog out like a dog in a month
performed above the rest of the pack and and the sponsor and whoever’s a fan of
that dog will get something extra to of a random drawing for that so that’s
something fun that we’ll be doing and you’ll also be able to read about
different things that happen with us on the trail on that one but we’ll blog up
that will update I mean it will be periodically I don’t want to say we’ll
do it every week or or not but we’ll be definitely keeping that up-to-date as
well and also you can follow us on Instagram we’ll be posting all the
pictures of us run in and and talking about little individual dogs and and
stuff like that frozen tried it on Instagram all right
you heard it frozen tried it on Instagram and sponsor a dog now it’s the
hardest decision today what’s that we got to figure out that we’re bringing in
today that’s a rough choice anything your callsign let’s let Shawn the side
dancer a good choice damn right it is

23 thoughts on “Navy SEAL Dog Musher Jeff Reid of Frozen Trident Kennel PT 2

  1. This series makes me want to watch eight below with paul walker where hes a sled dog racer. I love the video shawn! Jeff is an awesome guy.

  2. those 2 should start a YouTube channel……………………………………………plus that guy kinda reminds me of the dog whisperer

  3. Boatloads of life lessons in the V.E. videos. How did 13 assholomios disliked this video…? I get it… the opposing mushers or… Bernie supporters. Go figure.

  4. I run a two dog sled of a boxer and a shepherd and my shepherd often snaps at my boxer to tell him to keep up. Just like Jeff was saying.

  5. Navy seals are awesome people ! My brother in law is a seal and he’s a inspiration to me to always do better !!!!!!!!!!!! They are the hidden hero’s !! And they getting the HOTTEST chicks in the world !!!!!!!!!!!

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