Navy SEAL Burger Challenge in Tucson, Arizona!!

Hey everybody this is Randy Santel
‘Atlas’ with Atlas & Zeus Promotions and proud owner of! Very
very excited today I’m going for overall win number 567 and my second in the City
of Tucson, Arizona! I am back in Arizona I was here a few years ago and did a
challenge at Lindy’s here in Tucson but today on that the Trident Grill I’m
taking on their Navy SEAL Burger Challenge! Now this thing has four
patties on it I think about two pounds of meat there’s a bunch of Munster
cheese then there is bacon and then a whole bunch of healthy vegetables
we’ve got jalapenos we’ve got lettuce. We’ve got tomato I think I see some
pickles on here too but I’ve got 15 minutes to finish this
challenge which includes this massive burger along with all these fries and
then the pickle. I’ve got 15 minutes to finish if I fail it’s going to be $25
but if I win I will get the meal free I think I will get a shirt I’m not sure
but I will be at it as one of the elite few people to win and get on their Wall
of. Fame let’s get this challenge started! All right my first time having Muenster
cheese on a cheeseburger, so that is exciting the record for this challenge
is by my friend Michelle, she just recently did it in five minutes in four
seconds, which is absolutely ridiculous because I’m a gentleman I’ll probably
let her keep that record and just try to make sure I beat it in under the 15
minutes but let’s eat! I’ll do the burger first and then the fries ready all right
1, 2, 3. . . Boom! All right viewers out, let’s eat! The records already past which is
ridiculous but we still have 10 minutes let’s get this thing down! Under nine minutes Eight minutes and 55 seconds is what he
counted, I’m in college so I can do the math now. Number one there’s three
locations around the Tucson area and they all host this challenge but it’s
called the Navy SEAL Burger Challenge because one of the owners is a Navy SEAL,
so thank you to him and then thank you to Trident Grill for offering the
challenge in general it was so good love that mustard she’s on there all of
the jalapenos and the burgers especially those were all cooked perfect I asked
for a medium-rare and they were excellent! For winning I’m going to get
the $25 meal for free, I’m gonna get a sweet t-shirt down to my collection and
I will be one of the few elite people to be added on their Wall of Fame plaque
that they have here hanging up in the restaurants. Thank you guys all for
coming and staying to watch and thank you guys for watching it was overall win
number 567!

88 thoughts on “Navy SEAL Burger Challenge in Tucson, Arizona!!

  1. Hey everyone thanks for watching!! My second time doing a challenge in Tucson, Arizona and it was great to be back!! The next few Southwest USA Tour videos will feature challenges around the Phoenix, Arizona area. We just completed and arrived home from our 2018 Summer Tour. Including the preseason "Friday videos" I filmed at the start, I was 83-4. Here is the link to check out the results if you are interested:

  2. The Trident has some good ass food at reasonable prices. I get the Cajun Philly every time I go. That sandwich is bomb

  3. Hey Randy, I enjoy your videos but saying you'll let her keep her record because you're a gentleman is kind of sexist. How about she'll keep her record because she's better than you, at least in this challenge. Giving credit where it's due doesn't take anything away from you and your previous successes. It's just being a true sportsman.

  4. Their are so many great, exotic cheeses out there, it's a shame most restaurants just go for the cheap norm. Earn your burger trident. "I will not fail"

  5. Damn that looks good.
    Where is the video of who ever has the record. I want to see how they manage to eat that in 5 min?

  6. I did not know you where in my town. If I would have know I would have drop by and say hi, and buy you and your team a round of beers.

  7. check for Randys new challenge in INDIA he is a BEAST

  8. Train, strategise, dominate. Even though you say you don’t chew much as a competitive eater, you seem to enjoy the food so much which is unique. Awesome challenge and keep going champ

  9. The moment I saw that this video was only 5 minutes long, I just knew you were going to dominate this challenge! Congrats Randy!

  10. Randy, love the channel. Not sure anyone has ever asked this but both sides of your temple area were bulging severely after this challenge. All ok? They looked really bad at the end. Right around 450 mark I saw it

  11. Hey brother I got a challenge for you.

    How about eating one whole slice of pizza with , Pineapple 😤. Now that's a challenge .

  12. My birthplace… I religiously watch your videos Randy. I would have watched this live if I knew you would accept this challenge.

  13. Thanx for letting her keep the record. Pfft. U knew u had no chance. Another excuse! Im unsubbing and blocking.. And im very very excited to do it!

  14. Yah..can see your 8 month old videos on other peoples channel's that you do duel challenges with. Stop giving away your content you fat turd .

  15. Whos that hot blond asian you collaborate with?..He's hot..Now i know why you dont wear your promise ring anymore..seeeexy

  16. You should first eat the light stuff like bread, then put the heavy stuff on top for better compression. Noticed that in videos where you lost the competition 😉

  17. Yay! Thank you randy im taking my husband to this location i live in Tucson Az didn't know tucson had food challanges lol oh my husband will devour that burger

  18. I finished the challenge around the same time I think it was a little over 10 minutes that’s because it was hot as hell lol. They gave me the plate and said go! I’ll challenge you to any challenge….

  19. I believe that I could do many of the food challenges. I would want to start with the dries. Cold fries are terrible.

  20. I am so sad I just came across this video! Been wondering if you would ever come to AZ. An I missed meeting you. Glad I learned how to find your schedule, an hope to see you back here to come watch! Your awesome! Enjoy all your videos!

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