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Hey everyone. I’m A03 Cortez and welcome aboard the USS Wasp. I’m going to show you where I work, where I live and where I play. This is my navy life, so let’s go. Hey guys welcome to my shop. This is where I work. Come in. So in my shop I work on some pretty cool stuff, from 20 to 25 millimeter machine guns to rocket launchers. This is the cross, a common rack launcher test set. It tests out bomb racks, rocket launchers. It says go or no go, and then if it says go we’ll send it up to the flight deck, where they loaded up the jets with the helos and then load of bombs or missiles So this is the mess decks. Out to see we have about 3,000 people on board including navy and marine personnel. I’m about to get off my shift so let’s head out. So before we head out of base I want to show you guys some of the cool recreational facilities as Navy personnel that we get to use. This is Iowa Point, the marina where you get to run out kayaks and sail boats. Across the street we have the golf course and we have the bowling alley then we have the gym. It’s free. It’s a state of the art gym. We have the pool and then we have racket courts, basketball courts, and of course your way to your treadmills. Those are a few of the many things that we get to utilize this day personnel but the weekend started so let’s go. Hey. Welcome to my house come on in. There is a perception of the Navy’s that people on the ship are always just going to be on the ship but outside the ship I have my own life of course as you can see this is where I am at when we’re in port. This is where we have our pictures. We have our video games and our TV
and that is my roommate. I usually just go like this. This is my kitchen. I’m about to cook some fajitas, so I’ll meet you guys tomorrow at the beach. Hey guys you saw where I work and where I live. Now, this Virginia Beach Oceanfront. Me and my surf club meet up here every Wednesday’s and Saturday’s just catch some waves. The Navy offers you a cool place to live, and this is just one of them. So let’s go catch some waves. Obviously not every day is a good day, so I’m gonna go meet up with my friends at the Navy Beach for an awesome BBQ. We just finished up surfing. Now we’re over here at the Navy private beach called Damn Neck. Me and my friends are about to enjoy awesome BBQ, so I’m about a head over and just eat and go swimming. So you saw my work, where I live and we’re at play. I don’t just spend my time on the ship. I also have my free time too. Butt now I want to go spend time with my friends, so you’re gonna have to go.

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  1. Technically no, if you aren't shooting back at the enemy and just sitting on a ship then no technically you're not fighting.

  2. Somali Pirates? Intel? Loading jets that go in for air strikes?amphibious ships carry marines and supplies to the battle front?carriers launch air crafts to support troops on the ground…? SeaBees with construction? Corpsmen that right there when bullets fly? Cant be serious, any role played to assist combat is just as important as ground troops and is considered fighting.

  3. Corpsman have all my respect. Trust me, when a bunch a Navy boys try to tell you that they're equal to you after you just got home from a deployment that took your best friends life, you'd look at it differently too.

  4. I agree with what you say, but I don't think it's about the branches, I know Marines and Soldiers that won't be fighting in the trenches on deployment. I think it's more a matter of MOS/MSO/rate.

  5. I can't believe a Marine has no respect for others who pledge to serve in any way possible. If these people didn't do what they do, you might just find that a lot of you're gear is faulty in combat or something else is completely botched. Sorry if the Navy isn't "hard" enough for you. Honestly the only person I have no respect for is you.

  6. The Navy is more of a Technical field, they help other branches like the Marines doing what they do. It seems like they are just slacking when you compare them to the Marines/Army because Soldiers and Marines meet combat. But the Navy isn't all that easy, Sailors work on boats 12 hours or more each day while on deployment. Also the US Navy does have direct combat jobs such as SWCC, Navy Seals, and Navy EOD, these are very dangerous jobs. I respect the military in general and everyone in it.

  7. People.. Men, Woman.. Fighting or not fighting. Deaths or no deaths. We are all doing this for something. Whether it is to protect your 3yr old. To clean out your life. To follow your past.. Whatever it is. I respect it. I know Marines younger then me who watched their friend die and had to shoot at children cause the enemy was using children as a shield. Sick fucks.. All in all.. If your pride is bigger then your why.. Then quit. But then again.. Sometimes.. Your pride is The motivating factor

  8. Don't worry Paco, that dude is a fake. Most likely a 12 year old kid, who has played one too many games on call of doodie. REAL recon Marines do not act that way.

  9. You aren't even worthy of anyone saying SEMPER FI to you. Too bad you have such a crappy attitude. Wonder how my Gunny Sgt. Son would handle slime like you bring here? You must be one of those Wannabe hero types. Cut everybody else down to hide your own stupidity.
    I retired after 30 years of Active Duty. You haven't been around long enough to brag like you do. Nobody Cares about you.

  10. when it said navy racks and there was a chick as the pic of this vid…i kinda thought it ment something else…

  11. Looks like fun, however, I doubt I'll be living like this though. The whole thing has an MTV cribs vibe like I'm trying to be sold into something that's not really true.

  12. USS WASP is next to me at the dry dock now. I wonder if she still on the ship I guess not it been over four years so she either left the navy or reenlisted somewhere else. She cute though. I like AO my second RDC was a AO chief.

  13. She was probably living with her chief, or first class. Which is fraternization. To be honest, it's not at all this way. Coming from an e3 who's been on board the WASP for a year now

  14. She need to get in shape and no saying that the other girl is the roomate please accept she is you gay girl friend

  15. Uhhh, the last time I checked, if you belong to a surf club, you typically know how to surf. Navy propaganda fails again.

  16. USS Kitty Hawk Vet here. 1983-1986. Damage Control Div. HT2. Homeported in North Island Coronado NAS. Westpac 1984, 1985. Ran over a Victor Class Russian submarine off the coast of Japan in 1984. Battle Group Bravo.

  17. Cool Video A03 Cortes… So are you USA Cali or Tex Mex or Puerto Rican US? Would love to know. Anyway, cool video. I spent my 25 years US Army. Nevertheless, the USN is a backbone of the American Spirit. It is a very dynamic service.

  18. Nice recruiting video! For the majority of Navy personnel especially for lower rank personnel living on a ship life is not comfortable as the video wants to show.

  19. 1956, as a kid I was selected by my school for a day outing on the CV- 18, loved it, and when of age 13 years later I went Nav! Sailed tin cans my whole hitch, bunked aboard, ate aboard the whole time, saved all my money, bought a home with V.A. backing, paid it off early too! Thank you Uncle Sam, couldn't have done it without you. ☺

  20. Things must have changed a lot since I was in the Navy 1976, 1980, I loved on a barge when in port, and I don't remember all those pretty girls either. But, still a good experience for any young person.

  21. Having lived on a Navy Aircraft Carrier full-time for 4 years in the early 70's, I was hoping to show my wife a typical berthing area, a head, etc. Though this video was posted 10 years ago, I'm wondering if showing the electronic equipment used at the time might be in violate some code, considering we've seen stories about sailors taking pictures of just the outside of subs, etc. and getting jail time, loss of rank, fines.

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