Navy pilot recalls ‘out of this world’ encounter

6 thoughts on “Navy pilot recalls ‘out of this world’ encounter

  1. It will be very arrogant to believe that earth is the only habitable planet. ET's have been visiting earth from the begging of time.

  2. Here’s my theory after thinking about this for a while. Could it be possible that these are some sort of holograms or what they call "volumetric displays". It would explain the cross looking object on the surface of the water and the movements that are being made from the tic tac object. Think of a cat playing with a laser pointer. Another country, like China or Russia could be playing with us. The only thing that can move around like this and make since is light. I think there would be great interest in having technology like this that could replicate or fake a hypersonic missile or ICBM on a radar.

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