Navy Mass Communication Specialist – MC

[XO] Good Morning, George H.W. Bush warriors. This is the big XO, happy top of the morning to everyone. [XO] We need to focus on cleanliness, CSMB and quals. Journalism, photojournalism, videography, multimedia and graphic design. I wasn’t going to join the Navy without the MC rating. [PAO] Guys, good morning, what’s going on? [PAO] Social media posts, how are we tracking on that for today? [MC CHIEF] I put a couple of them up already. We are here to focus mainly on the crew, but also families via our social media channels and things like that. The ship is always moving through the water, something is always happening. We know that there’s about 2500 people on board, and that’s 2500 different stories. So, we try to highlight that story. You never just know where you’re going to go next. My goal for them is to empower them to go out and find those stories, so that they want to tell these
compelling aspects of the Navy. It’s a very fun and it’s a very dynamic job. We would have military members from other countries. Or, we had the Prime Minister of Israel come on board, so we had some pretty big events. The Cruise Book! I did all of the artwork
and design elements. You’re not an advertiser, you’re not trying to sell an idea. You’re trying to educate and inform. You want to make sure your side is represented and you have a strong Navy voice within that story.

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  1. MM3 prior enlisted joining the reserves soon I want to become an MC and become active duty work on finishing my bachelor's degree and become an officer.

  2. I want to be an MC so bad, I can’t wait to choose my rate,I love photography and all the other things, I am actually in Yearbook for my school

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