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They come to supply for everything. To keep the ships moving out in the fleet. Everyone has to come through supply to get any items that they need. We order generators, transmitters, a lot of electronics, AT gear to keep communications up while the pilots are in the air… …tail-hooks, tires to keep the aircraft moving. Being in a squadron, it’s very fast-paced. The jet has to go out as fast as possible to meet requirements. Teamwork plays a role because one person just can’t know what’s going on in the supply department. Communication is key. So you have to have communication skills with your LSs. The Navy has taught me all about camaraderie, everybody comes from different walks of life. And you can learn a lot more ways to do stuff that makes your job more effective. Traveling is the coolest thing about my job. I’ve traveled to Italy, Spain, Greece, South Africa, Bahrain, Dubai. My last deployment I went to Jerusalem. I’ve been a few places. I have Logistics Specialists I work with day in and day out, so to watch them grow, to watch them learn, to watch them support the ship, that’s the best part of the job.

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  1. I'm an LS in the Navy, let me say, this video is soon limited in what we do. I started on a ship, then went to a squadron, now I'm expeditionary. We go everywhere, the best training and experience so far, for me was the ship. Supply is family, LS, CSs, and SHs. You become tight with them. We stand watches, not just quarterdeck watches, most common is Low Visibility. Extra eyes on the sides of the ship and up on the bridge as well when in fog or rough weather. You can qualify for Sentry(Vest, Weapons, and Even CQB tactics), you will qualify in Damage Control (Can even be part of the Flying Squad[1st responders]) We're really connected to all depts and operations. We work hand in hand with BMs, MMs, DCs, HTs, etc. We adapt to the command. Ship: you become a True Sailor(DC, Ship Maintenance, Sentry, Deck watches, etc), Squadron: Maintenance Parts and Tools(can become a Plane Captain qualified), Seabees, you will become Seabee-ish( Combat skills, Patrols, in the Field). Areas of LS are (Financial, Material Issue, Hazmat, Aviation Supply, Postal, Tool Room[Squadron], Gear Issue, and Shipping). With these, we literally can go to any Command. Ships, Subs, Squadrons, SEALs, etc. We're Adaptive, Flexible, and Efficient. The line between order and chaos lies Logistics-Sun Tzu [Art of War]

  2. I have LSS don’t know if it’s a lot different but I keep hearing it’s one of the best jobs but also look like it becomes boring I leave out tomorrow and I’m quite nervous to know what kind of job this might be for me

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