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[BAILIFF] All rise. This is the busiest regional legal service office in the world. [JUDGE] Good afternoon counselor. Do you have anything to take up before we go on the record? [ATTORNEY] No, Your Honor. [JUDGE] This court martial is called to order at Naval Station Norfolk, Virginia. [JUDGE] The case of United States versus Lieutenant … in the United States Navy. [JUDGE] I now ask you how do you plead? [ATTORNEY] Your Honor, my client pleads not guilty. [JUDGE] Very well. Legalmen are the equivalent of a civilian paralegal. However, we do a little bit more because our job pertains to military justice. [JUDGE] I understand your pleas, you may be seated. We do everything from drafting charges for Captain’s Mast, all the way on up to drafting charges for Court Martial. [ATTORNEY] The global war on terrorism service medal and rifle and pistol marksmanship ribbons. We work at command services, we also work down in legal assistance and we do trial work as well. So, we work government side and defense side. [JUDGE] Do you have any questions about your rights to Counsel? [DEFENDANT] No, sir. [JUDGE] By whom do you wish to be represented? [DEFENDANT] I wish to be represented by Commander Stennis. Right now, I work as a trial paralegal, so I handle everything from assisting with motions to double checking the charges that an attorney might draft. We deal with prosecutorial merit reviews, so when we get an investigation in… …if we say, hey, there’s not enough evidence to go forward with a court martial… …we make a recommendation that says there’s not enough evidence, but you might want to consider taking the servicemember to Captain’s Mast. [ATTORNEY] The charges were served on the Accused on 10 February 2018. [ATTORNEY] The five-day waiting period has expired. Typically, the attorney will do a quick review and then they’ll send it down to us and say hey, re-review this. [ATTORNEY] Thank you, sir. I’ve been detailed this Court Martial by Senior Defense Counsel Defense Service Office. [ATTORNEY] All members of the Defense team are qualified and certified under Article 42. When I came in I was like I want to be able to learn a skill. [ATTORNEY] JAG Corps United States Navy, as Assistant Defense Counsel. I love the people. I love, you know, getting to work with people every single day. I’m getting ready to go to the USS Gerald R. Ford. The Command Services deals with a lot of base-wide stuff, where on the ship you’re going to deal with solely your ship. You’re going to deal with a lot of more of like, working with the CO, and you’ll do a lot of administrative separations with them. [JUDGE] Counsel, anything further to take up before we go into recess? [ATTORNEY] No, Your Honor. [JUDGE] Very well, this Court Martial session is in recess until 5 April 2018. [BAILIFF] All rise. [JUDGE] Carry on. Have a good day, everyone. I’m excited as to where the future is going to take me.

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