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Music I’m Jessica Lambert. I’m a hull technician in the United States Navy. If I had to describe myself in one word it would be realistic. I think that I come to work knowing what needs to get done, knowing what’s expected of me and I do what I can to benefit myself and others. I like getting my hands dirty. I can’t image myself being at a job where I had to sit all day, or type on a computer all day. I like being up and around. I think that my job helps support the Navy’s overall mission. When it comes to a lot of our repairs, there’s a lot of important systems on board. And, of course, on a ship made of metal you need somebody that can be there to fix it. People would describe me as determined. When I come into work they know that if something needs to get done it’s going to get done regardless of what has to be done, how long we have to be here. I definitely think that being a woman and being a hull tech in the Navy is different. But that’s part of the reason why I like it. I have always enjoyed it. A female can do the job just as well as a male can. When I go home and people see what I’ve been doing and know where I’ve been they think it’s neat that I get to travel and get to learn how to weld and do things that I want to do. I think that my long term goal would be to pursue a welding career but I would like to get into underwater welding. So I would like to use my G.I. Bill and go to trade school for underwater welding. Knowing where I want to be in 5, 10 years and knowing what I’ve accomplished. It definitely changes you as a person. So, I think I’ve definitely changed a lot for the better since I’ve joined. I would recommend the Navy to someone who understands that it takes a lot of time and effort to be in the Military. You’re gonna benefit from joining the Navy.

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  1. Wrong! Certified, honest-to-God HT! I served with her while she was stationed aboard the USS Shiloh. In fact, I made the cake for her ESWS pinning.

  2. yeah you can do a mans job until some heavy shit needs to be carried. you forgot to mention that you work with shit and toilets and the whole no sleep

  3. To those of you commenting about her lifting heavy metals or equipment, get a life I would love to see anyone lift schedule 80 plate by themselves it is not going to happen. That a divisional evolution especially prior to deployment. Beside its a recruiting video gear towards female

  4. I was a hull tech and let me tell you if you end up on a small boy you will be doing a lot of sh*t chasing and not too much welding… GOOD LUCK!

  5. I'm going to be going to a school to be an HT. I got a 66 on the ASVAB and I did good in engineering. I don't really think it's hard to get selected to do it. If you talk to the person giving you job options and say to give you a job where the Navy needs people, this will probably come up.

  6. A woman HT…Try just being a black HT, There isn't that many of us…lol, Good job HT2, you make us real HT's proud.

  7. I was a HT on Active Duty and never was a Turd Herder. I started out as a Shipfitter on a Sub Tender and then a Lagger. I then went to C school for NDT and spent my time inspecting welds on an aircraft carrier. After another C school, I went to shore duty and worked as a RadCon instructor.

  8. leaving for basic in a month. got a 66 on my asvab and chose HT despite the whole plumbing thing haha I can deal with that part for the welding I get to do and the job opportunities when I get out 🙂

  9. I was an HT on small boys, some welding from time to time, lots of time maintaining the sanitary systems, ie unclog the heads. Some fire control, Q.A. if you re up. Sucked but got a civilian job easy in that field.

  10. I was a Hull Tech in 1980, NDT C school in 1982 and HT2 in less than 4 years. Hard work, especially on a subtender, but oh, so worth it.

  11. I have 4 years experience as first class pipe welder (Tig,Mig and Stick)/pipe fitting out in the field and I plan on enlisting into navy. Will I have to take a pay cut? Or will it benefit me because I have certifications and experience ? I need answers, please help. Thanks

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