Navy EOD Technician Nichole Robinette

[ inaudible radio communication ] [ music ] My name is Nichole Robinette and I’m an EOD tech in the United States Navy. I didn’t consider the military until well after college. I decided to go EOD because it is the most versatile, exciting job that a female can have in the U.S. Navy. There’s a lot that goes into the mentality of this job specifically, regardless of whether or not you’re male or female. There’s a certain mindset, that, after you’ve been in the community for a while you realize that we all think a lot alike. Who doesn’t like blowing stuff up? Um, yeah, that’s – that’s – blowing stuff up is definitely one of the funnest parts of our job. Fire in the hole! Fire in the hole! Fire in the hole! When we go on a call, there will generally be three of us, and there will be one team leader and then the other two team members and no EOD mission is a one man show. You’re constantly supporting each other, bouncing ideas off each other, and even ah – the deployment of the robot out the back of the truck takes more than one person. Anytime we’re in a situation where we’re not sure what the threat is, we can send the robot downrange and there’s a number of different cameras on it, we can get a number of different angles, we can do a – a pretty concise recon on the area and the threat – um – without risking one of our guys’ lives sending him downrange in a bomb suit. I started lifting weights when I was really young in high school so when I got out of college I was like oh no, what am I gonna do now I need a job where I can still do that and sitting in an office – um wearing suits and that – that didn’t work for me. So this job is more – it fits the lifestyle that I wanted to have outside of work. I’ve changed drastically since joining the Navy and I think everyone who joins can say the same thing. The Navy can be incredibly beneficial, the military in general can be incredibly beneficial for a variety of different people. And if you take advantage of all the opportunities that are offered, you – you can improve your life ten fold.

20 thoughts on “Navy EOD Technician Nichole Robinette

  1. omg i couldnt take that stress wich wire the green 1 or the red 1??? jeez i couldnt do that thats y i wanna become a navy seal 😀 i think it fits better 2 me

  2. You owe me a beer for this one Nicky! You ever going to get into the fight over in Afghanistan? I just got back in Jan. EOMFD. USAF. 09-100N…Can you guess who your buying that beer for? Haha!

  3. Damn damn. She said she didn't consider EOD until well after college – but that would mean she went OCS. There is very close to 0% chance to get an Unrestricted Line contract through OCS. Anyone know what's up?

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