Navy EOD – Overall Training

[ music ] I’m Chief Prince and welcome to Navy Explosive Ordnance Disposal. Prospective Explosive Ordnance Disposal personnel begin their training at Navy Diving Salvage and Training Center in Panama City, Florida. They arrive knowing their training will be physically and mentally demanding. Students are given an initial physical screening test, ensuring each candidate is able to meet the established minimum requirements. Initially, students must pass a minimum physical screening test prior to beginning their training. Classroom phase of training begins with students studying a variety of subjects, including diving physics, human anatomy and physiology, and learning the effects of a water environment on humans and equipment. Equally important is the training in dive medicine, which prepares students for working in an underwater environment. Students receive extensive training with scuba, and the Mark 16 closed circuit mixed gas underwater breathing apparatus during classroom sessions, in the dive chamber, and during open water dives. After dive training, EOD candidates move on to the Navy Explosive Ordnance Disposal School at Eglin Air Force Base in Florida. Chief Prince: EOD training is physically and mentally demanding, and after training the same demands and challenges continue in our operations.

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