Navy Dad Surprises Kids at School

“I’m Senior Chief Michael Forjan I’m in the
US Navy and I’m returning home from Iraq after six months. My wife and my folks are here, they know
that I’m here. Came in late last night but the kids have no idea
last time I deployed for I did not get to come home you know
midway through so the kids have literally no idea that I’m coming home
Lord in the expectation of it I was like oh my gosh yeah yeah every time I deploy
the kids get older so my first employment there was just one kid and
there were babies and as you get older they’re more cognizant, so it they
definitely understand now and they miss me more and it’s kind of harder to deal
with it knowing that now I can talk to somebody, rather than just see a baby on the floor.” “What do you want to do with your dad now that he’s home?” “Hangout out with him.” “Hangout, not let go. This is a good way to end it, his reaction was by far the powerful one, uh pretty sure he would have knocked down anybody that was in his way. He’s a big solid boy and he ran pretty quick. Um, but it’s good, it’s a good way to end it.”

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