Navy Aviation Rescue Swimmer – AIRR

My name’s Jameson Ware and I am an Aviation Rescue Swimmer in the United States Navy. Within the aviation rescue swimmer community, you’re going to come across a multitude of missions outside of just search and rescue. They all encompass the idea of “So Others May Live”. So you have the anti-submarine warfare aspect, which involves hunting, tracking, and if need be, killing submarines. You also have the surface warfare aspect, which entails building the surface pick for the strike group. You have the humanitarian piece. You have the search and rescue piece. You’re going to become essentially a Jack of trades. But, when you really dig deep into the underlying meaning for each of them, they still fall into the bracket of “So Others May Live”.

23 thoughts on “Navy Aviation Rescue Swimmer – AIRR

  1. Please don't join as AIRR thinking you'll actually save lives. You likely won't. Your job will be as an AWS or AWR which is Aircrew. You will be doing A LOT more then SAR. Very few will ever even come close to getting a save. If you want to actually rescue people, join the coast guard.

    The Navy does a TERRIBLE job advertising this community.

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