Navy All Hands Officer Canidate School

initially I wanted to become an officer
from day one in high school it wasn’t affordable to go go to the
colleges I wanted to go to and so I had to make a decision whether or not to go
to college or just enlist if my parents really encouraged me to do I had a lot
of mentors in high school who said I had the potential to be an officer so I
really put my nose in the books I finished off my class in high school
finish top 5% in power school and got a nice little package together and did all
my interviews to earn my spot here I’d say it’s a little bit more difficult
to bootcamp just more intense you can definitely tell there’s a prior they
maybe have their heads on a little straighter they know what’s going on but
the directs definitely noticed who those priors are and they set the standard
they they’re the example and the directs we’ll lean on them they go through Great
Lakes then they’ll come to naps and then they will go to plebe summer so they
technically have three mode of an enlisted sailor a proper mischief in
candidate and then a proper midshipman who will become an officer people who
come from the fleet you already know all the answers you know what it’s like
but the difficulty comes and helping out your classmates feel that code from high
school that never getting military when they come they look as lost as I was in
the first day of boot camp so I’ve tried to help I tried to help out when I can
and try to be a good role model or for those directs I think what motivated me
to go to the Naval Academy advise other programs was the camaraderie that they
had between each other every time they have a test that in front of them it
seems like they know exactly how to handle it the basic building blocks you
learn now when you’re being indoctrinated that’ll want to follow you
for the rest of your life once you decide that you want to be an officer
it’s not about you anymore everything you do it’s about serving your enlisted
it’s for them it’s for this country

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  1. NAPS is a joke, its just a prep school for the Academy. It's one year of shitty boarding school. Not even close to boot camp or OCS.

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