N. Korean missile fired from sea-based platform, not submarine: U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff

now as for North Korea’s latest missile
launch multiple sources in Washington and Seoul are saying the missile was
launched from a sea-based a platform not a submarine our defense ministry
correspondent Kim Jiyeon has more the US is downplaying the significance of North
Korea’s missile launches the two countries prepare for a working-level
talks this weekend on the regime’s denuclearization speaking at a briefing
on Thursday US Joint Chiefs a staff spokesperson Air Force Colonel Patrick
Ryder said the North fired the missile from a sea based platform not a
submarine which would have been much more threatening to the United States
since it will be harder to detect in advance compared to missiles far from
land as we understand it North Korea fired a short to medium-range ballistic
missile some 280 miles into the Sea of Japan and what we know is that the
missile was fired from a sea based platform in the once on Bay North Korea
stated a day after the launch that it has successfully launched a new boo
cuckoo song three missile the use of a sea bass platform or barge has been
confirmed by a South Korean military source as well pointing to a vessel
located next to the launch site in the photos North Korea release of the firing
the regime state-run newspaper dodo Shima reported Friday that the test
represents a grave statement to hostile forces it called a weapon a time bomb
that could be fired anywhere on the open sea implying it was launched from a
submarine Kim Jiyeon Arirang news

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