My Friday Night: Canoe Battleship

Hi, I’m Kelsi Dahms I am studying Biomedical Engineering I am from Morton, Illinois So tonight I will be playing Canoe Battleship which is an intramural sport here at the University of Iowa In this sport, there are teams of four or five people and you each go into a canoe You’re given three buckets, and the goal of the game is to try to sink other ships and be the last ship standing I have actually done this every single semester since coming to the university The game got changed a little bit this year so now we have to have one teammate in the water guiding our boat So it’ll be interesting to see how that goes hopefully luck’s on our side There have definitely been times where we have gotten knocked out the first round but one semester I was lucky enough to take the gold I really like the new battleship since it comes the weekend right before finals so it’s a really nice break from studying and it’s a sport that you really can’t play anywhere else besides the university so I think it’s great to take advantage of it while you can Last year this went until about midnight so some sleep and probably a hot shower after walking out in the cold

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