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Question of the Video – What was the first pairing you ever shipped (if you shipped any)? Hello everybody it’s me MCG here and today. I’m going to be telling the story of how I got into the crazy water shipping Aka the story of how I discovered my first ship when I was growing up in the early two-thousands I watched a bunch of cartoons most of them. I still loved to this day and some of them I just questioned why even watched in the first place I was obsessed with a couple of those shows But I remember one specific show that I used to watch weekly that I caught up with all the episodes And I played the games online and that show was Kim Possible when I first started watching this show I was instantly hooked and my eyes were glued to the screen like nobody’s business I remember when I was channel surfing, and I heard the theme song for the first time I saw heard the theme song has lured me in like a fish on a hook But I stayed because of the amazing characters And the good pot lines that this show had But what really drove the show home for me was the relationship between Kim and Ron Because at the time. I felt this parent was different to all the parents I was exposed to in the past through various Disney films and other films are watch when I was little throughout the various seasons We’ve got to see these characters interact with each other Oh the good and the bad times and also see them grow as a pairing as well and that just found that really Captivating when I was little however, I didn’t really notice always obsessed until you Kim Possible so the drama aired I remember I was at my old grandma’s house And I was sitting in her bedroom, and the film was about to come on. I was so excited My cousin was sitting next to me, and he was gonna watch the film with me, but I don’t think he was prepared For what I was going to do in like the next hour and a half I literally couldn’t contain myself throughout the entire film. I was squealing I was screaming inside I Literally was bouncing up and down. I was just so excited to system is finally coming out and Yes, I cried I cried a lot But the biggest moment when I knew that I shipped Kim and Ron Was the final scene of the movie which was? Like the first proper kiss now. They kissed before Well technically they only kiss once but I count the kid kissing him on the cheek in the Christmas episode sort of counts I suppose but The motion sickness when they kissed there, I was like oh my gosh, but it was under the mutilator So it didn’t really count as their first proper kiss until The Saudi drummer won, and oh my goodness when that kiss happened. I screamed my little fangirl Huh I didn’t care who was sleeping next door. I didn’t care that my girl was in the next year I’m trying to watch something on TV I was screaming and I couldn’t control myself at all and my cousin was just looking at me like I was some crazy crazy Little monkey cos I probably was that no actually he was just crazy that night I couldn’t quit try myself, and I remember my grandma coming in from the next room and telling me to be quiet It was the funniest thing. I was just such an emotional state that I Literally couldn’t really hear a lot much because I was just thinking about giving run all the time and then when I realized that I shipped them was when I couldn’t see I think she couldn’t sleep that night because they kissed and It was all I ever wanted from the show just for them to get together as a couple and realize their fears whichever That’s all I Wanted and you know all the other stuff is what to do if I Jack and she go in that long But that’s later on what I realized when I was lying awake that night that I always Supported these two years and one of these see to get together from the very start even before they had glorious amounts of hints from that season 3 onwards I just wanted them to I guess figure out their feelings and confess to each other and they did just that inside the drama and It was overall a beautiful night. It was a beautiful night And I couldn’t see for hours on that and I literally was thinking about these feasts so much and the movie because the movie was Good on its own. It was really good but Kimmelman warm my mind that night and It made me realize that Supporting these two really made me happy I love their relationship ever since I first started watching the show and also the movie Just completed it for me. It literally completed that relationship so much with them. Just getting together. It made me an emotional write Back then I didn’t know if Kim Foster was gonna get a season four or not and I for it just ended But I thought it was a good ending for the show until two years later when I found out that it came back, and I was like why didn’t anybody tell me The next few days of that fateful premiere night, I realized that I supported a lot more parents at fault I did some of the parents included Danny and Sam from Danny Phantom Arnold and Helga from Hey Arnold I go Katara from avatar last airbender Jimmy and Cindy’s Bob Jimmy Neutron and cookie a War II film Kanika six-door those pears are just some of the childhood Perry’s of the ship back in the day and Maybe I’ll talk about them in depth one day and that’s the story how one fictional relationship Led me into a crazy spiral of supporting other fictional relationships I hope you guys enjoyed this story time video and before I go on let’s give my quick thoughts on the recently announced Kim Possible live-action movie, I don’t know what its gonna be like because they recently announced their and Also the Carson has just begun so I don’t know who they’re gonna cost for this movie Hopefully they’ll cost some good people to portray these characters in the best of their ability also Since we knows our Bob and mark the craters or Kim Possible actually writing the script I am positive that they’ll bring a good script and Hopefully with the right course and the right people they’ll come together and bring us a great movie Hopefully this not this out the park because I know they need rayon’s Because they probably have not done ratings and because I’m gonna sit concert there And they gonna say anything over there sitcoms, but you know what? Let’s hope that this Kim Possible movie will be good Because we don’t know what’s gonna happen until it comes and that I really Really, hope it’s good Stuff the way into a trailer which will probably won’t come until maybe next year or maybe later on this year I don’t know probably next year, but who knows who knows what this movie is gonna be like until we actually see some material and That is it if you guys had to catch up with me on social media The links will be down in the description below, and I’ll see you guys soon for another video Bye guys bye

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