My First Canoe Review!

Guess what! We’re on a boat! Oh no wait I should say we’re on a canoe! Yep, it’s a beautiful day in Holland… you don’t get many days like these so you should really try to enjoy them. So another thing I would like to mention is I haven’t done a car review in a while now and the thing is, that car reviews I really like doing them, but they take up a lot of time. First of all I need to find somebody who’s willing to lend me their car for a day and then I need to actually go there and meet up with this person… we need to do the shoots for the day I need to bring the drone, make the drone shots. So it’s it’s quite some work to do a car review and don’t get me wrong I like doing it but that that’s just especially since I have a full-time job it makes it a little bit harder to do frequent car reviews but don’t worry they’re still going to come but yeah I just need some time for that. In the meanwhile, I can do a canoe review right now! So… but maybe I should do that together with the lovely Jody here since she is canoeing right now. Tell me how is the the feeling of this canoe how does it how does it drive how does it ride or how do you say that the ride drive sail? swing? I don’t know Well the chairs are not that comfortable… No, they’re very hard right? yeah… It hurts my back. So this is not the kind of canoe you would want to go to let’s say in the South of France in? …. No If you could compare this canoe to a car what kind of car would it be? You don’t know? All right well I’ll try… If I could compare this canoe to a car I guess it would be something like hmm That’s actually quite difficult. Okay so it’s not comfortable it’s not fast it’s not very big it’s actually kind of cramped I guess something like an older car which doesn’t have power steering and doesn’t have comfortable seats and isn’t fast… So if you see this video and you know what kind of car that would be give me a comment! Let me know, give me a name like what what kind of car would this well uh would this canoe be? canoe car give me a comparison.. Okay I’ll start pedaling now because she’s doing all the work now and I can’t see her face but I guess it’s her face is like torn with agony and pain right now you can’t really see anything on the screen right now we’re having a little bit of a mini heatwave I think… Normally the temperatures would be around I think 17 /18 degrees today is 25 something and tomorrow will be 30 so yeah it’s pretty warm today Are you tired from the canoeing? Yeah Oh man we’re not used to anything, we’re so weak and lazy. Let’s get back to the canoe canoe

2 thoughts on “My First Canoe Review!

  1. Canoooooooo! Still don't know which car I can compair with the cano! Maybe something around 1920? Only the cars where bigger back then… hmmm it's a challenge!

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