Motorboat Base Design – Ark Survival Evolved – LEED PROOF

what is up boys it’s Mitch savage here
and we’re back with some more Ark survival evolved a few months ago I made
a video teaching you how to make your very first raft base and at the end of
it I promised I would making more raft guides and that’s what today’s video is
today I’m gonna show you guys how to build a lead proof battleship on a motor
boat I hope this video helps you guys out if it does please like and subscribe
and let’s get into it alright so first off you’re gonna want
to lower the Foundation’s onto your motor boat I’m gonna speed
this up if you do not know how to do this I have a video on my channel
teaching you how to do this technique I will link it in the description of this
video go check that out and as you can see I’m putting it a
little bit underneath the motorboat a little further than you would typically
go with a raft just because underneath the motorboat there is kind of an arch
to belly and I want that covered by foundations one thing to be cautious of is the
middle foundation you put down could get stuck in the arched belly of the
motorboat like you see on screen right now so if you’re having an issue with
lowering foundations underneath of the motorboat look there see if a foundation
piece is still stuck there and just demolish that and replace it now we’re
going to take four ceilings we’re gonna put them in the front of the motorboat
like this three and then one in the middle
once those ceilings have been placed on the sides of the rafter you’re going to
want to put down three walls and then a sloped metal wall on each side and then
we’re gonna build the nose of the boat you’re going to want to put a metal wall
on both sides of the first ceiling and then we’re gonna put a sloped roof on
top of that should look just like this and then behind that we’re gonna take
our sloped metal walls and build more ramps like this now you’ll see that the
walls are starting to flicker here that is normal it’s just the game detecting
that there are multiple snap points because of the ceilings and the
Foundation’s there so it could take a while for you to get these set in place
if you need to destroy the metal wall and redo it eventually it will snap
perfectly like that and then you put a metal wall on the other side of it so it
should look like this place another sloped roof here and now we’re going to
cover this up you’re gonna put another two walls on top of the walls you’ve
just placed with another sloped metal roof on top of that and then you’ll
notice that you cannot put walls on top of these ramps so what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna
put metal walls on the outsides of the raft going up to the second level once
the walls here are too high you can start putting ceilings to make a bridge
above that and then you can hang walls down underneath of them connecting to
the ceilings it should look like this when you’re done with it now we’re gonna
enclose this motorboat by adding ceilings and walls behind the motorboat
you can also put down another three ceilings to extend the boat they’re gonna want to add a doorway and
a door and then you’ll hop outside of the door and put a ramp in so you have
an easy way to get in and out of the motorboat now you’ll want to add a hatch
frame in the ceiling with a ladder so you can get on top of this motorboat once we are up here we will add metal
railings to the outside so you do not fall off you can even put them right
here now this part is preference you can add whatever you want on top of this
motorboat I decided that I wanted to put a mounted rocket launcher on top so it
was kind of like a mobile tank raft I thought that would be really really cool
to pull up to a base on the beach and just blast it with rockets and this is
what it will look like after now on the outsides to add a little bit of
protection we’re going to add catwalks and they will snap onto each foundation
and then we will add metal spikes on top of the catwalks just so we can make sure
nothing gets too close to the sides of this motorboat we don’t want anyone
swimming up and placing c4 on the side of it you will want to surround this
entire motorboat with the metal spikes including the back beside the door but
make sure the spikes don’t cover the doorway you still want to be able to get
in and out of this motorboat as you can see it is slowly looking deadlier and
deadlier now on the inside of this base you can really add whatever you want my
recommendations would be a smithy storage boxes and a forge so you can
make oil on the go that way you’re never stranded anywhere now we are building
this on a motor boat motor boats are considered to be LEED proof normal leads
do very little damage to motor boats and with the speed gain of the motor boat
you can actually outrun most leads Alfa leads on the other hand will do a little
bit more damage to a motor boat and they are quicker they will be able to keep up
with you but if you go to shallow water it will leave you alone and that is
easier to do on a motor boat compared to a raft because the motor boat is a lot
faster as long as you have the gas to power the engines one other thing I will
say about this build is that it is a very large build you may not be able to
make this build on official servers or maybe you’ll make a smaller version of
it I hope you guys enjoyed this build let
me know in the comments what you guys think about it and if you guys have any
suggestions on what you guys want to see on this channel let me know and thank
you for watching

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