Miraculous Ladybug: Plagg is Shipping Trash 2 [Comic Dub]

so plagg.. which one do you ship, Adrienette or Ladynoir? neither! Don’t have time for that girl stuff! I couldn’t care less about these ships! besides Marichat forever… What was that?? nothing…

100 thoughts on “Miraculous Ladybug: Plagg is Shipping Trash 2 [Comic Dub]

  1. Hahahahahaha funny when he said beside marichat forever then he over reacts when tikki says what was that then plagg says nothing

  2. ??: I prefer LadyNoir, Marinette sucks
    Me: you know they are the same right?
    ??: oh uhhh………..
    Me: you don't watch miraculous right?
    ??: huuuuuuuuuuuuuhh,…………

  3. Tikki saying plagg who do you ship better adrienette or
    ladynoir ?

    Plagg saying I don't have time for that girl stuff ! I could care less about these ships !

    Plagg: Besides marichat forever 😻

    BUG OUT 🐞 🐾

  4. And our conclusion is that Plagg is indeed the best kwami for he is with us warriors and Marichat shippers

  5. Plagg has it right. There's so much more in Marichat, because Ladybug and Adrien have a bad habit of bottling things up. You get more genuine honesty (minus identity hiding) from Marichat.

  6. XD plagg:besides Marichat forever tikki:what was that?? ^me in my corner watching this waits a few seconds so no one is in the room…starts laughing like crazy^

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