Mini Ship Tour

So hello, look who we have here. Hello
Hello We gonna cook some seafood, because Jakub went to shop. And he anyway doesn’t eat seafood, so we gonna cook without him. Not really. And for this we have this beautiful mussels and scallops. And chanterelle. It is a season now. It is this mushrooms chanterelle. Chanterelle. And this is Roquefort. By the way Vitalis favourite cheese. If you are fan of Vitalii Winter you should know his favourite food. Send me Roquefort. His favourite food is cheese with blu blue blue mold. Just put a little bit. We need it sour. Yeh just for a taste. It is ok. Put more it is not enough. Do you speak German? What the certificate you become today? In English please. C1 C1 certificate of German. You see how smart he is. The most important is your face, you know. Not cooking? Cooking too, but people can see scallops anywhere in the world. But scallops that Vitalii Winter is cooking the is something special. Besides I tried them first time in Adlon. Ah really? With me? It is such an honour. Delicious. It is amazing like Jakub saying a lot. Oh now you look so much yourself, before I could not recognise you and now finally. What does it means in Russian? Horns. That I have been cheated? Yes-yes it means that your boyfriend cheats you. Why? Do you think you boyfriend cheats you? What no. In condom not a cheating. We have such a beautiful breakfast here. And Alexey supposed to come but he postpone for unknowing time. And that’s making Jakub very sad. I don care. What do you mean you don’t care? Smoothie. Pineapple, mango, carrot, ginger, curcuma, peper, mise, l seed oil Fuck off. I gonna Cath you. Go already. Go already. What you want from me. What are you doing? I am hiding all electronically devises in this beautiful wardrobe. Why? So Jakub can’t have access to internet. Because he doesn’t want to go with us. Look they have pi pi That what you are interested in? Yeh, this is why we actually came here to Savigny Platz Vitalii become gay. Now it is official. It is official it is going to be on youtube. So we was walking, we were walking grammar. We were walking on Savigny Platz and Alexey sow a beautiful restaurant. He has smell for them. Camera is discharging did you take the second accumulator? No! Probably we are not going to film food for you but this is this place. Or we can just film on iPhone. Exactly. Mm shrimps and pasta, salat and this is Jakub. And his salmon pasta. How was your meal? Was super delicious I love pasta with shrimps it is really nice. Delicious but too much I ate at home. But you had only one portion. Looks hot. Mascarpone and parfait with honey. I had a class mate called Parfait Is it spell p a r f a I t? Yes, exactly parfait Then he was called as a desert. So Wineholics in the city center. Because we are going to ship tour. The ship tour for the fuck say Thank you for the jacket it was very kind of you. Yeh Alexey wearing our Jacket. It is not mine but I thankful because it is windy and cold in Berlin. Its a little bit dangerous. So we took a ship tour. And I just remember that not for so long two ships have been collide in Prague. Now it is scary. Shut up! You face is so big. Greedy? Green? No big. I always people going to spit on me. It is really windy here. Is it windy? It also to bright. Absolutely windy. But I like it. We should really make a ship tour one day. Since I am afraid of flying and you too. Im going to Ukraine. Bye. Say hi to Ukraine. You didn’t use the brake? No! Brake you have brake you know? I know but I am shocked how quick it gets. It fest like a car. So where do we go? You not going to drive anymore? We need to walk a little bit to get appetite. You can drive around here. Can they give us food of this time of the day? Why not they will give you food every where. I like the back yard here. Looks so fancy. Tar tar that what you like. Oh yeah I love it. So because of this fucker we should put all our food here. Because he took half of the table with the laptop. You are welcome. I never sow so dark Tar tar I think it from the fridge. Maybe inside it is fine. Cucumber soup, miso soup, fresh meat someone kill the cow because you order it. Strange mix of fruits and pasta. No, not good. They wanted to do something nice but sometimes it better don’t do anything. Encroachment on high kitchen. But it Ott cuisine. So we explored today a lot of nice places. We had ship tour. And we also visited and fancy cafe. But the food was not good. Wineholics not recommending. Don’t go there, just eat at home. Where you are and what are you doing? We are on Savigny Platz again And we are in one beautiful restaurant. Here is France cuisine, besides never tried before And we are going to eat legs of frogs. So we officially now leg eaters. And also this small creatures that are living on grapes snails. And for now we have a beautiful coffee. Yeh it taste like chicken. So what is your final rating of this French place? What maximum starts and minimum? 5 is maximum. I would say 3. And French cuisine, how do you like it? Ah, it is too specific for my village taste. Thats is cool I think I can get use to it. How was the ride? Was really nice I like new technologies. We need to block it or it already blocked itself? No we need to block it. Thank you Vitalii for the new house it was a nice gift. I don’t need the old one anymore. We should better give it for homes persons. So Wineholics going now to eat some coffee. Eat some cinnamon bun with coffee It was my dream since the morning. But Jakub said that he is gay.

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  9. Another great video VLOG. Great Job !!!! It looks to me that the both of you have your choice of excellent restruants and very good food in Berlin. You are so lucky for the the food that was in your video looked so good. All my best to you both, Bryan from California.

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