Minecraft PE – how to go inside the Café counter – works at 0.12.3

This is Neil, and today i’m gonna teach you how to ummm go in th-the ca ummm the ca-counter thing. So first you have to go this way, um go to the se to go to a survival game. And then, um go back to the hub, and then, jump two times, go to the sky wars. But don’t actually go there, just, go near this sky wars here. And then, Go up After your up, um, do that, pretend to break like that. Try and break the grass block here, an i’m gonna sh-umm, tell you when i’m there. (stupid Me) Just Very QUICKLY!!! I’m just IN my phone so you have to wait, ??? THIS IS SO QUICK OH WOWOOW!!! OK i’m there so now break, um, while moving forward Break this block and then ou out Now, go this way near the cow and the and the cake thing go down here and then, now go this way and then, get up there we go and now go this way up there and ???guilty??? this black-brown stairs thing and then go like that and then break down and then your done! BYEEEEEEEEE!

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