Mesa Verde National Park | Full Time RV Colorado | Changing Lanes!

31 thoughts on “Mesa Verde National Park | Full Time RV Colorado | Changing Lanes!

  1. We had a wonderful time recently while we were at Mesa Verde exploring the history and life of the pueblos.

  2. Hi
    Sorry that I am English but, Do go to Red Rocks Amphitheater
    I was very lucky and have seen John Denver sing there.

  3. We stayed at that same RV park when we were exploring Mesa Verde National Park last year! Definitely a lot of amenities, but will always be a sore spot for us due to dogs running off leash (and one unfortunately biting Blaze). Great location though to explore the area and get supplies! Hope all is well! – Shane

  4. People from Florida: It’s 53 and really cold. Brrrrrrrr.

    People from Washington: 53! It’s like a heat wave and put the top down on the convertible!

  5. Tara, i'm so impressed how you did all this with you health-conditions. I just try to imaging me with my muscular stuff doing that.

  6. You Floridians have thin blood! We've been in Georgia,.moving up from Orlando, since 2000. Finally, after 18 years our blood thickened.
    Smoochie dat face Daisy and Peanut!!

  7. You were in my neighborhood. A couple of good places to eat; in Cortez, Thai Cortez and Durango, Himalayan Kitchen. The House Creek camp ground at Mcfee is a great camp ground. And next time you are here plan it in middle to late July and plan to stay awhile. So much to see and do here.

  8. Great video! Was there over 30 years ago. Want to go back again and take my wife! Love watching you guys in you "Cwiff Dwelling" experiences. Be safe out there!

  9. My wife and I truly enjoy your videos and look forward to the Moab segments yet to come! We are headed there in March and really looking forward to being there. Look ar Sea Eagle products. We have used a 380x for years and love it. Its rock solid, unbreakable and absolutely the best brand for those of us on the road. We also use inflatable vests from Amazon that are very comfortable and safe. Thanks again for your great channel.

  10. Looks beautiful and like you had a lot of fun. Look forward to heading out there one day. How cool is it meeting friends with so much in common out on the road – love that! – MJ and Izzy

  11. Thanks for the memories- there in 2018 – really enjoyed it – must have been a hard everyday life- labor intensive to build it let alone live there

  12. Your videos are amazing! Thanks so much for sharing. Loved the quif dwellings too, lol……Safe travels and keep em' comin'….

  13. I was in the same area about 43 years ago. Except having to pay to get into the park and following a tour. We parked the bug in a parking lot and followed the path. Not many people around us. Checked out the cliff dwellings. Went into them and realized that the insides had not a lot of head room.
    Thanks you brought back a lot of memories. Mostly good.

  14. Video stopped working after about 9 minutes in. Says, “Something went wrong, tap to retry”. Retried several times with the same results.

  15. We stayed in Mesa Verda Morefield Campground for a week in 2018. Our site had hookups.30 foot 5th wheel. It was tight getting into our spot but being there was well worth not having to drive a hour to the park. Being there a week we got in all the sites plus lots of hiking. Enjoy your videos.

  16. Also I forgot to mention Mancos is a great little town to see while here. The best breakfast in Montezuma County is Absolute Bakery and Cafe in Mancos. And for five star dining in Mancos check out Olio. I will probably think of other things and add to this list.

  17. The video stops at the Mesa verde visitors center. Utube says “something went wrong”. Tried several times to restart. No luck.

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