Meadows: Trump is still running against his own administration

100 thoughts on “Meadows: Trump is still running against his own administration

  1. My God, the amount of righwing internet fever swamp BS in these comments is amazing. Here are some FACTS for you: Vindeman did not LEAK anything. He was subpoenaed to testify, took an oath to tell the truth and did so. I'm not even sure what document these morons as PRETENDING he leaked. Can't be the summary of the call, since Cadet Bone Spurs released that himself. And he was appointed to the NSA in July 2018. I'm pretty sure Obama was sitting on a beach somewhere when Vindeman got the job, so this "Obama plant" thing is just MORE rightwing fever swamp BS.

  2. Democrat socialists are awful lying hateful people. Socialism always run out of money. Other people's money .

  3. Cult? Do they know the meaning of this word? I support Trump, but do not blindly follow him nor do I worship him. Dems. are so screwy!

  4. Most of u are poised off, not at trump, but he is cleaning out the swamp,he is still at it, like three days ago, bless u trump ,I am with you. Dale.

  5. Jacksonville would not let black in to help me get miners and growers in, I need this guy here to know he can park us there till I can figure out what to do next

  6. Trump Is a CRIMINAL and a TRAITOR that is humping his own daughter ivanka….keep up the good Work nancy impeach the russian agent again…..

  7. Bilal is not trusting that I could care less about his skin collar, that E mitt Taylor helped us produce in the late 80'$ I just need him to help me get my teams together, no plural wife agenda, no hiding of any agenda, just help me get truth to my union, as to bring help to fix what is broke here

  8. Eddy I'm sure needs help fixing what he actually broke through adroit, by not coming to me and trying to figure out the teamsters strategy, causing money to be mishandled by, trucking companies that were not being honest as where they were getting their funding

  9. Democrats should concede defeat; pending wind tunnel test of my pet pig whose been outfitted with prosthetic wings! I wouldn't hold my breath! Lol

  10. Pete Buttigieg will bring in White House First Mail Lady with balls. Ha…ha…ha 

    Donald J Trump

    Time for the voters to drain the swamp!

    Liberals, Democratic party of USA is a worst party that happen to humanity.Nancy Pelosi best thing to happen it is for you to retire you are not mentally fit to be the speaker of the house even if you do after so many face lift another one. Your brain act childish and senile let younger people take over it is absurd that Senators and Congressmen have Life time job guarantee this is worse than Despotism Dictatorship do anybody see Democracy in that? We have to have two maybe three terms for Congressman and Senators seam es President. Nancy Pelosi sad she don't won't that.I wold like to be Congressmen and Speaker of The House "she says" to I dies if I am little senile no big deal I am not first and wont be the lest Congressman Despot.How Pathetic are our Democrat! Joe Biden you are Cosa Nostra International racketeering Boss product of Democratic party. What a shame! Joe Biden and his son Hunter are low life Crookes and Scumbags! Donald J Trump yes Mr President you are the best President ever Democrats are disgrace they are corrupt liars with Dem everything goes Sodom and Gomorrah there is no law and dignity with Democrats no job creation they only produce Liberal fake media bla…bla…bla trying to deceive people without any shame.Liberal are disgrace for our Country! Trump and Republican are giving more job and prosperity, from Liberal you get more off unemployment, welfare, poverty, drag dependency, criminals and with democrat if you are more weirdo ("Sodom and Gomorrah") you are more popular and you get prime time TV show. If everything go by the democrat and Pete Buttigieg First Lady in White House will have balls between the legs First Mail Lady Very sick and disgusting Liberal Democratic Party 
    Being with Democrat is helping USA Empire to go down much sooner!
    Latest news historical record low unemployment Yes Donald J Trump You are the best President ever! 
    For more year for Mr President Donald J Trump
    Vote for Donald J Trump

  11. What further proof of a bloated federal bureaucracy does anyone need than a bureaucracy that is working against its own executive?

  12. Would Obama have put up with Bush holdovers trying to subvert his agenda? Not for a nanosecond, and no one in the media would have raised an eyebrow when he kicked them out the door.

  13. I seem to remember, James Carville, saying, just recently, that the Democratic Party is turning into a cult and that he wants no part of it. JS

  14. Is it just me or fox news ALWAYS when they report a “hate” comment they bring a special guest which is 95% of the time on trumps side….

  15. What more do we need to know… the Media, the Talk Show Hosts, and Hollywood, Don't give a hoot about America and.. absolutely NO Respect for it's Voters. Tired and Sickened by them

  16. Nice 👍 President Trump 🇺🇸 has Given Us a Path to a Balanced Budget – It's Pro-Worker, Pro-Family and Pro-Growth

    “In 2017, Speaker Pelosi famously cajoled House Republicans to produce a budget, warning ‘show me your budget, show me your values.’ She was understood to mean that you can learn about someone’s deepest convictions judging the way in which they spend their money,” Rep. Jim Banks (R-IN) writes for Fox News.

    “Ironically, she and her party never produced a budget when they regained control of the House in 2019 . . . In contrast, President Trump is not afraid to put his cards on the table.” His new proposed budget is a stark departure from Beltway “business as usual,” putting the Federal ledger on a path back to surpluses in just 15 years. 4 more years of President Trump is coming in 2020 🇺🇸.

  17. It’s crazy how the red scare has convinced the right that socialism and communism are the same. And to have a successful economy we need a trickle down system. They’ve set us up to be complete puppets

  18. Those freakin rinos like Collins, Romney and the many others need to shut the hell up and be voted out. We need new Republicans in Congress, especially in the Senate.

  19. This is what "draining the swamp" LOOKS like. First you let them betray you, to flush them out… then you get to fire them. Swamp gets drained.

  20. Yes, because it's always much worse to ask about a cult than to actually be in one. I think I understand Rupert Murdoch just a wee bit better today.

  21. American business news reporter and analyst, Michelle Caruso-Cabrera, has filed candidacy papers to challenge Representative Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez in Democratic primary, for her congressional seat, somehow, at her ripe old age, employed as a broadcaster, has escaped the unspecified self-marketing urge and requirement to lighten her hair, or even to blond it, that may not be the case when she enters the cut-throat halls of politics, where hair dye, mostly blond, may prove to be of a more higher temptation and calling, to win public office as a little more than just a must do.

  22. Why cant you arrest people who are trying to bring down trump you ought to have the offence of sedition you can arrest them all

  23. We ignore the NYT Brian. Hey Fox…the minute you use fake news sources to frame questions? Instant turn off to watch OANN! I havent watched fox in over a yr. Just fav like hannity on YTube. Like now. Saw Meadows and ignored Biatch Brian.

  24. Of course the Democrats and the MSM are going to say it's about getting even. I say it's about getting the leakers and liars out. They have been working against President Trump and therefore against America. President Trump has done so much for us. Trump does the firing, we the people do the voting. Help President Trump drain the swamp. VOTE TRUMP, VOTE RED

  25. I´m sorry, what ?
    Don´t remember him being "fired up" about Faux´s treatment of O´Bama which was far, far worse…
    Possibly, according to him, in a galaxy far, far away….

  26. thank god for the disingenuous selective shouting reporters : intent yellow journalism = propaganda
    they never shout to Nancy Shiff,Nadler,Mitch etc etc etc Dems

  27. Trump's not a politician. He knew his chances were zero unless he picked one of the two major political parties when he ran for President so he chose the lesser of two evils….and thank God, WON.

  28. Not about getting it even, it’s about getting the team right. Get rid of the assholes who broke the rules of their employment. I would go further a prosecute to send a warning to current and future incumbents.

  29. Cnn leads a brain dead cult that supports and backs the same globalist and Marxist trash that suppresses their base… Some people can't wake up, they will forever be blind and low IQ

    🇺🇸 2020 DJT

  30. Democrats are the cult followers. They blindly follow any BS anti-Trump story and want "justice" for it. I think that reporter is projecting what his party is and how he follows.

  31. How about Dems being the leaders of all the fake news outlet cult? That CNN reporter is quite stupid asking such a nonsensical question! Similarly, Democrats publicly said it was all about politics going after Joe Biden? LOL! Are you serious? What about this impeachment sham, which is all about politics going after President Trump? We now fully understand why people said Dems are too dumb to think and Trump haters are too stupid to learn.

  32. When Obama was running against Mcain, the media praised Future President for his “charisma, ability to deliver a speech, the crowd he gathers and his cult of personality “

    With Trump they scream “impeach” because of his ability to draw crowds, deliver speeches, charisma and his cult of personality

    Lmao libs are like 4 year old kids

  33. America country's is for Americans citizens ! We don't have to take care the world! They take care them selves ! We take care US! They taking care their people! We have to make them take care themselves be independent! And be sponsor for their own people !!

  34. If the dems are worried about Trump getting rid of people in the White House who are against him, we need to remind them of Obama sicking the IRS on anyone who he felt was messing with his terrible policies and defying him in anyway!

  35. Being president with the level of corruption that was around him with Vindman and company is like being a boxer with a coach slipping muscle relaxers in your water bottle during a big fight!

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