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[Music] [Music] The world of American Angler you’re up sun you’re up sun fish on your line your days just begun The world of American Angler on Lakes and on Streams Now you are Living the good life, Catch the one of your dreams [Music] This week on the American angler will
be fishing on the Pacific coast of Mexico in sunny Mazatlan , Mazatlan is Know most of all or it’s gorgeous beaches its restaurants its beaches its night life and it’s beaches and of course it’s great saltwater fishing today we’re going after Dorado with none
other than the Mexican sportsman himself Jeronimo Jergens. Hi lisa Jeronimo Pat is here from American Angler oh great send him in Pat how are you, Hello Jeronimo good to meet you set down set down glad to have you down in Mazatlan oh it looks great down here. nice place haan. this is not a bad office for a man. well we all have to have one Ha Hah The
atmosphere looks great! It’s nice and open You know we came through the El Cid there
That resort is absolutely fabulous this is my most beautiful resorts in the
world this is a great setting really as is my first trip down looks
absolutely fabulous I even enjoyed it is it is fantastic the whole city s the
beautiful beaches we have great fishing I hear you can put me on some Durado h that’s what you want that’s what we will get you We are here to catch some Durado I love to catch those fish. I will tell they’re great fighters and
right now we have got some really good size bulls and running You think we might keep one for a little meal? I will tell uou if you keep one I have a chef that
will prepare like you’ve never tasted, Haw this guy’s is fabulous
stay with us because its seam when ever we are in Mazatlan the Camera finds than just fish to look at. Fish to look at [Music] Look at that fish go look at the color in that fish. Can you how big he was? No he is a small fish. one of the main things we want to do here short pumps. Very short pumps Here, down short pumps You want to be very well balanced. Right The short pumps will really work a fish in. right away. Really do not use your arm you use some your body You are really using your weight. Most people do this. too much arm Let the rod do the work. He’s coming right on in. the most important thing is
especially using lite line we are using heavy line on this. big rod is when you come up go
down very very smoothly. come up! take the line. make sure you always have pressure. Yes with lite you break it when you are jerky Huh. you know you take A 16 pound test line can handle a lot fish. Oh! good jump there he is Nice fish now It’s a little female. She is active isn’t she She is making some pretty high jumps I really like Dorado’s they’re very special fish in my heart. exciting fish to catch yeah Dorado on lite line The color in these fish is just unbelievable. You have to be here to really appreciate them. I think this
on line one of the greatest things remember when you fish lite line. It is very important do very very slow smooth strokes. come up and then back down. looks like we about got her whipped. I think she is pretty tried. here she comes. Alright! pretty fish. Beautiful Female. I will tell you what that is a little bull. I keep getting them That is a bull That is a young bull I through it was was a female when I first saw him. See the for head that is the key. Pretty fish.look at the color in that fish all the blue They are really great fish. Great fishters. You know pound per pound they may nave more in them than the sails Sails are short stamina fish Yeah these fish are just tough. they just go and go! almost not quite a tuna pound per pound they are quite the fish Challenging fish Let’s get this hook out of him. That is beautiful isn’t ooh that’s a pretty fish. That is beautiful! look at that color It looks like something got into him right there. This is a great example he has been hit by some thing, A Sailfish or Marlin He got slapped they raked him they raked him right there. That’s good observation he got raked right here. I have found fish with a whole clunk missing out of them this is a perfect size for Marlin. today the boat next to us the Blue they landed was about 550 and this is about the perfect size bait for a 550 blue predators feeding on predators out here. Oh! they are great fish to catch. look at the blues and they have green You get a hard Chartreuse flash out of them when they are down in that water and sun hits on them just right. They are just gorgeous that’s one of the beautiful things about this fish. Wonderful eating and he’s a survivor yap! and he is a tough fighter. That is one things everything thing will eat them until they get curtain size including each other. It’s a tough road out here. and we complain great fish great fish well let’s move on. Let’s get another one Another….. El Dorado, La Dorado strikes again.Looks like a big fish good sized fish he’s about to go air borne now Boy they are beautiful. Oh it’s pretty now this is a female alright! look at him, thrusting around Those fish are absolutely gorgeous in the water I know look at the color in that fish. Boy are they fighters Alright! look at this! what a fish..what a fish can we do those Dorado or what. You are getting pretty good at these, you are an old hand now yeah any time you need these Dorado you can call me. See the difference in the female The Bull had the big flat head She has a slanted head a little more tapered. She is a little more stream lined. but the size is still pretty good. see pick here up see the sizes the big but she is not quite as big as the bull.right. what do you think 20 ? she is about 20-25 beautiful fish huh oh yeah The fish are not done and either
are we. we’ll be right back after this commercial break Boy this is exciting it’s beautiful it gets your heart pumping now! it does the ocean is alive right now. you can just see it. just look out everything this this area we have porpoise jumping you have Birds flying you know where is Blue Marlin you saw one get hooked nwe have seen Sailfish, Tuna and Dorado everything is feeding boy he hit that like a freight train with that speed. That time they are not hesitating they are hitting. he’s out there. this fish has not broke water yet. Sometimes they don’t then when they don’t break
waters when you have to really struggle do really short pumps then work him down there, down. there you go down. shorter strokes faster up and down and you will wear him down He is coming up he is right
there is right there is not quite as stout as that one this morning there he goes he is not threw so they don’t want to ride in this boat he said he does not want to be dinner. there he goes he is going to come up.. right up on the surface they are really incredible fish. He just hit that bait! Aw! There was not an ounce of hesitation that’s a better fish than I thought it was. he is about 15 pounds this is a female I think it is a female go sweet heart go! Boy she just does not want to come in she is just bearing down Aw! that’s a pretty fish there she is! nice jump Mucho? Mucho? you know what I think that is a small bull. It does look like a Bull He she comes. He comes now we have to correct him. AAW! I told you he does not want to ride in this boat. [Laughter} he has about had it. I tell you what I thought he was a female because he never really jumped He is a nice Bull there he is. you got yourself look at the color in that fish. that was set in bone that was not going any were. you want to take that gaff Alright! that’s waht is all about fishing in Mazatlan [Reel Drag noise] someone wake Jeroimo up fish on! Just bring him so I can get my nap man it is nap time This fish is stout coming to the boat stop fooling around you ar going to lose that fish. look at him jump there he goes. there is another one with him. look at him jump beautiful look at him he coming up again. now we’re gonna work it will be hard to see him in this light. those things are stouter than the Sails the Sails are a short endurance fish come on baby come up! alright! Hey! nice jump nice jump looks like a female? male. Alright strong little female Alright! [Laughter] pretty fish little bull watch! look at him [Laughter] not bad for a rookie you ready? NICE! Dorado come here sweetheart. Still a little green Pat there are fish up here get ready we are going to circle him Get ready Pat! I am ready Ia m ready. there he is there he is Dorado They are real tough fish you can do is very
short strokes on them reel down, reel down reel down when you are doing short strokes you are trying the fish out. you are making him really fight the rod. Really work against it. yeah She is not giving up easy good jump good jump AW! there a good jump another good jump another one they really are beautiful aren’t they Oh! look at that fish go what we are doing is hoping she attracts her mate with her coming in you want the Gaff on her alright come in here fish big Dorado OK look, Look at the blue in that fish. Fantastic blue absolutely gorgeous female Oh! 25 pound..30 I would say 25 to 30 pounds Look at that fin on that thing isn’t that a beautiful fish. excellent hard fighters they fight tough we really have had a lot of fun with them yeah we have I will tell you what he is a really good sized Dorado they have a beautiful color they have a fin that opens up like a sailfish stout fish they are looks like he has another one with him. There’s another one ok just keep him in the water Keep him in the water. Look at him jump! look at him jump! Oh! okay what’s happening when he is jumping the vibrations I’m telling other fish there is food that something is happening they’ll attract other Dorados as well
as shark and other fish He is a bit bigger than a bass isn’t he they are nice fish. they have so much color in them. move the line so it does not stack up there you go I can see him down there. hopfuly his buddy followed him. Thank you He is coming up he is going to come up let’s go come on Pat. Here we go short strokes! Short strokes that’s right..perfect He is under the boat straight under. there you go there you go! it’s amazing as streamlined as those
fish are they can generate a kind of power He was so strout when he first got on he will open and look bigger Ok let’s get him on board he will be dinner to night. when we come back we’ll show you how
to cook Dorado Mazatlan Style Welcome back as you can see we are no longer on the ocean. Jeronimo has brought down here to the El
Patio restaurant and we’ve brought a cople of the Dorado we caught today back into their kitchen and their chef is
going to show us how to prepare this and we are going to enjoy some great fish that we caught today. Ok pat what we have we have the Dorado fillet and then we we have tomatoes bell peppers and onions we will use a little mustard soy sauce pepper and brandy Hmm! looks and a little bit of wine this
one of our specialties here it’s all going to be cooked in butter. So I am going to let the chef show you how we do it. Cut a little fillet this is a big fish so he cuts it in half. spores it a little there you go That way it exorbs all the juices that we are going to be putting in there Then he puts a little salt both sides, a little
mustard this is looking good already Fantastic
you know it makes all my effort worthwhile doesn’t Little Soy sauce then a little paper I will get on
his way then he has some hot butter then he puts the fish in the hot butter he will leave it it between 3-5 minutes in hot butter and allows the fish to cook okay get a little golden brown there he is
okay then he puts all the vegetables in
there the onions tomatoes and the bell peppers put it back on the fire gonna hit it with a brand he’s gonna hit it with the brandy and that’s it I forgot would put a little white wine
you need to make some brandy with a little white wine and that’s all and now I am going to show you the finished product but we will be eating man does that look great, doesn’t look beautiful. you did a great job. It’s a unique way to repair. one of the great game fishs of the world. Let go try this on I ‘m ready to eat look forward to seeing you next week
on our next episode of the America Angler [Music]

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