8 thoughts on “Marysville native stuck on cruise near Japan due to coronavirus

  1. Confined…….person who tested positive……good luck……….folks don't get on a cruise….especially in that region…..

  2. I would never go on a cruise With all of the stories of people falling overboard on these ships,the unexplained and unsloved disappearances of people,the potential of very turbulent seas during severe storms,and the potential and the possibility of ship losing power;in the middle of an excursion cruise.Another fear I have now,is with tensions rising between China and the Southeast Asian countries,the U.S.A,I would not want to be onboard a cruise ship,when WW3 breaks out;as the cruise ship would be torpedoed or hit by antiship missles;launched by Chinese attack submarines.

  3. Her lack of concern for the severity of the situation is going to really hurt her. This isn't something to brush off. Masks won't cut it.

  4. Hand wash your clothes, and rinse, you have a shower, and sink in your room, and ring the clothes out and hang them up to dry. No one was born with a washer and dryer… Survival

  5. Of all the tech available to King5 the only recording you could get of a call was on some interns broken cell phone screen?

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