Marella Explorer 2 | Royal Caribbean Cruise Ship 2020

hi there I just wanted to do a very
short video regarding cruise ship in general I did a video recently on
Marella Explorer 2 if you haven’t seen the film the video I’ll put a link below
so you can have a look and it’s quite good actually but what I want to talk to
briefly today is about there is a lawsuit going against the Royal
Caribbean company it’s been sued by a grandfather who’s little daughter 18
months you know fell off the window he believes it was closed I don’t know too
much for the story but where I want to touched today
I do hope that a lot of people don’t stop cruising there are other stuff
as well viruses on other cruise ship you know don’t forget it’s still a nice
thing to do you know overall this is minor stuff please don’t stop cruising
I love we love in Grenada visiting the visitors who come to the Caribbean and
we take you round the island you know and into various things and both the
people enjoy we enjoy so it so anyway just a very very short video to
touch down and what’s really happening with cruise ships in general I hope it
doesn’t stop here I hope it’s just a short you know what’s really going
already anyway thanks for listening if you new to my channel don’t forget to
subscribe thank you very much most appreciated thank you

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