March/19 Cruise Ship News Recap Viking Sky Norwegian Bliss Royal Princess Seattle Dublin Carnival

everybody it’s Bruce here with traveling
with Bruce welcome to my channel today we have a video a recap video of what’s
been going on in the Cruz world for the month of March 2019 and a lot has been
going on from Dublin Seattle from Norwegian from Viking from carnival and
even from Princess Cruise Line’s lots happening lots to cover let’s get
started the first story is Dublin the port of
Dublin shocked the tourism committees by announcing that they were going to cut
cruise port visits by 50% by 2021 this sent shockwaves through all of the hotel
yers and restaurants and all kinds of tour operators in Dublin but the story
actually is a more detailed than that the port is going under massive
renovation and improvement and they will cut back from 160 cruise ships now to
about 84 mm 21 22 and 23 but then after renovations are complete back up to 150
to 200 cruise ships a year Dublin wants to actually expand their business so
it’s not as bad as it seems over in Seattle though things are booming here
the City of Seattle wants to add a ton of money to its port there’s a proposed
third terminal that is going to be built here for two hundred million dollars to
add to the existing booming business that’s being done now the Port of
Seattle is already handling 1.2 million passengers a year
rumor has it that Hall in America is in deep discussions to get involved in the
200 million dollar terminal because Hall in America and Princess are the top
cruise generators to Alaska out of Seattle now over here on Norwegian on
the region bliss problems here this stack the smokestacks at the back of the
ship on certain days depending on the wind conditions smoke will rise up out
of the smokestacks and all of this black soot will land on passengers on the back
deck even on the handrails like this the crew of the Bliss
I’ve been diligent sometimes every morning they’ve been out here like a
little army cleaning this up but we’re gonna have to see what Norwegian does
about this soot problem at the back of it ship now here’s the story that has
been dominating to lose the news for the last we can have the biking sky cruise
ship luxury cruise liner she was pulling out of a port in Norway got a few miles
off shore when her engines died on her all four at the same time
passengers are told to get their life jackets head to the muster station and
for over 24 hours they were being evacuated off of this disintegrating
ship because every time she was tossed from one side to another to another all
of her furniture all of her dishes and glass everything would come tumbling
down and it was just turning into powder the ship was just getting beaten to a
pulp helicopters took off over 470 or so passengers over 30 hours finally the
ship was able to get her engine’s going and come into port where she is now
going under repair itself gonna cost them millions to repair the ship and of
course the PR nightmare has only just begun
over here on Carnival they have another little problem Carnival announced this
week record earnings beat their expected profit numbers everything sounds
wonderful and yet in one day this past week Marat around March the 26th or so
27th the stock dropped 8% in value in one day wiping out three and a half
billion dollars of value off the market cap value of Carnival the reason
Carnival is definitely filling up at ships not a problem but they are not
getting the top dollar that they’re expecting we’re talking about cruises
coming up later not now but in the next three months six months nine months
apparently they’re under pricing pressure and the worry is also about
brexit because Carnival operates cruise lines in Europe and they’re worried
about the brexit effect having cost overruns they’re gonna be
interesting to see how this plays out here princess good news the royal
princess has come in to Los Angeles to use LA as her home port going forward
the cruise line is the bringing in this beautiful ship the largest ship ever to
come into Los Angeles and user as a home port the cruise line will be sailing to
Alaska this summer and then in the fall she’ll be home porting again all through
the winter into 2020 with Mexican and Caribbean cruises so lots going on in
the cruise world folks stay tuned to this channel subscribe today watch me
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what’s going on the cruise world take care everybody bye for now

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