5 thoughts on “Man Charged In Death Of Granddaughter On Cruise Ship In Puerto Rico

  1. Drunk grandpa killed that child but lets sue the cruise ship…..stupid family. Glad he is being charged for killing a child. Imagine what went in the child's mind while falling. "Grandpa smells like alcohollllllllll"…….

  2. Yes, it is right to charge him. He should not have ASSUMED anything about that window – he should have MADE SURE it was closed and locked before he put that child up there. Yes, it is tragic, but it could have been avoided if this man had used common sense and a little caution.

  3. I am appalled that the Puerto Rican department of Justice is charging Sam Annello for negligent homicide of his grand daughter. The government agency proceeding with these charges are inflicting inhumane torture on an already suffering man, and should be ashamed. I dont care what politics are at play regarding the cruise line. I implore anyone with an ounce of civility to have these charges dismissed, and restore some faith in our humanity !!

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