Mallrats Magic Eye – Is it actually a sailboat/schooner?

So, if you’re a fan of Kevin Smith you
probably recognize this image as the “Magic Eye” illusion from the film Mallrats the character William can’t see the illusion. Everyone else is telling him it’s a
sailboat, but no matter how hard he tries he just can’t see it, so it’s let’s see
if we can see it in Photoshop I’ve cropped the image down and fixed a
little bit of geometric distortion and played with the contrast a little but
this is still the same pattern as you can see here if I
switch back and forth and to reveal the pattern we’ll just duplicate the layer… there we go and set the blending mode to difference and now if I drag this layer
to left just a little you’ll start to see the pattern
…there it is and just a little more… and there we go. maybe a little too far there’s no sailboat.
So William can’t see a sailboat and he shouldn’t
because there’s not one there.

68 thoughts on “Mallrats Magic Eye – Is it actually a sailboat/schooner?

  1. I was actually able to tell what it was just doing the magiceye bit before you did your photoshop trickery. Surprising because the image is a little blurry even when you fullscreen it at 1080p resolution.

    Would you post a link to this image so we can download it? Just for fun?

  2. If you just cross your eyes anytime this scene is playing, you don't even have to watch any of this video.

  3. Noooooooooooooo! I've spent years staring at this, but today was my damn day! I had a lunch and a soda, but you ruined it for me!!! Damn you and your photoshop wizardry!

  4. I can't see shit. I can do 3D magic eye where the images are 3D shapes, but this 2D magic eye is bullshit.

  5. You can't actually see it with your physical eyes… but your spiritual eyes!

    Whoops, I thought I was watching a video about The Book of Mormon.

  6. OK, I totally have to brag about the fact that I figured this out, the same way as the guy in the video on (according to my file creation date), May 14 2009. So, yeah, I already knew it wasn't a sailboat. Nice video showing the steps, though!

  7. tried to post link, youtube wouldn't let me – so try to piece it together from this

    h t t p colon slash slash slash stephancom slash 8pj1p slash mallrats dash stereogram

  8. Does this change how we think of the movie? I mean, if you saw inside the prop suitcase in pulp fiction, would that change anything? It's just a prop in a gag.

  9. Yep… this annoyed me also. A video correcting a mistake that itself made a fundimental one.
    Aarrrgggh it's Willem !!

  10. Anyone else think this is a metaphor for religion? every one is telling him to look and he will see the sailboat but it turns out its not really there at all.

  11. I tweeted this to Kevin earlier today, you may dig his response…

    HA! I'd told prop department "One day, perfect pause will fuck us." @ ThatKevinSmith on Twitter. March 27, 2012

  12. No matter how much or how little I cross my eyes, I can't see the illusion. This may or may not be related to me needing glasses/how badly I need them, I don't know.

  13. I paused the movie and crossed my eyes and saw this image… I assumed it was supposed to be something (maybe even letters), but I guess I was seeing exactly what I thought I was: some random shapes. It would have been kind of cool if they hid something funny in it.

  14. Yeah I paused in on Clerks and saw that is was just some 3-d shapes. I wanted to see if there was some online speculation why they didn't just use a sailboat.

  15. It took me 10 years before I could actually see these things. Oddly enough, the video game Gone Home was the first time. Maybe because it caught me off guard, Idk. No pressure. I went on a magic eye binge after that. I get dizzy after a while. They are pretty damn cool. Who came up with it and how ??? I guess I could look it up myself huh. 🙂

  16. Such a dumb part in the movie, they should have cut it altogether, it didn’t even add to the story, not even for comic relief in a Comedy film.

  17. I paused at the picture and there's no sailboat or a schooner with unfocused eyes. Keep in mind this was filmed with mid 90s movie camera

  18. Why go to all this trouble when you can just LOOK at the damn thing? It's an actual magic eye image. I've known this since pausing my VHS copy of Mallrats in the 90s.

    BTW: the character's name is WILLAM, not William. Like Willam Defoe.

  19. His name is Willam (will-um) Black. He’s a reoccurring character in Kevin Smith movies. Played by Scott Mosier in Clerks (snowball) and Ethan Suplee in Mallrats.

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