Made in the Royal Navy – Michael’s Story

Better. It’s out there. But you’ve got to
chase it down. Time to cut the rope. Get stuck in. Switch it up a notch. Turn him… …into him. Reaching heights I never thought I’d reach. Learning things my teachers couldn’t teach. You thought you knew me, but this is the new me. Introducing the true me. Now salt water runs through me. I’ve changed, grown, jumped in, flown. I’m part of a crew now, never alone. I’m going nowhere to everywhere. I left a small town and turned it around. I was born in Blyth, but I was Made in the Royal Navy.

41 thoughts on “Made in the Royal Navy – Michael’s Story

  1. Christ I’m joining the Royal Navy and I had my life planned out where I would finish training and my family comes down for the parade and then I get back from deployment and return home chap on the door and my mom would answer. That won’t happen the way I wanted just last week 19th july 2018 my mum died after her new trike crashed into a tree it’s more of a drive for me to join up now knowing she would be proud I’m seventeen right now and once I finish school expect me

  2. I'm really interested in the navy I want to do something along the lines of mechanics but I don't know where to start I'm about to finish secondary school anyone got any advice?

  3. Does anyone know if we can do our GCSE whilst on a submarine if we are not at school because we are away at school

  4. Hey! Notice it doesn't say WHAT you'll fight for, does it? The Royal Navy is heading down to Iran, and it doesn't say it's there for the USA or freedom, but for Germany! France! Russia? China….? Wait. Iraaaaan? Oh. Did no one tell you your Royal Navy's history, or the imperialist monarchy you'll defend? Like when the people's vote is crushed, you'll be asked to make sure… the Queen's hand is kept, not the people's. Remember that. But! "You're part of a team." Just remember. So was every slave.

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