Living history: Coast Guard beach patrol reenactors

World War Two, Coast Guard Mounted Patrol. Whataya mean the Coast Guard had horses? And it just goes from there. Yes they had horses. They has 3,200 mounts given up by the Army. ^At the beginning of the war, ^they got out of the cavalry business ^and the Coast Guard got in to the cavalry business, ^so to speak. ^The horses got $0.25 a patrol ^and the patrolmen got $0.75 for a patrol, ^so they were makin’ $1.00 a patrol, big money. (big band dance music) – Mounted patrol was just people on horseback patrolin’ the beaches. – They were lookin’ for saboteurs. They were looking for sunken boats. They were a rescue unit for any sailors that made it to shore off the sunken boats. And it was a public reassurance that the authorities were out there keepin’ an eye on things. ‘Bout five years ago, we started this. We were part of the Coast Guard family and we have horses. How did the two come together? I don’t really remember how, but it did. And off we went. – [Keisha] I thought it was kinda cool and a lot of the people in the Coast Guard now don’t know anything about it. And it was somethin’ that me and my family kinda thought it was fun, because we have horses and we have the Coast Guard background. The uniforms, they weren’t all the same everywhere. The West Coast would have been something a lot lighter than this or whatever they had. And then, the Northeast would be a lot warmer and more suitable to the weather. – [Wayne] You wore what you needed to wear and if you were up by a metropolitan area, then it was a little more spit and polish, but you get out into the boonies and pretty much what ya had is what ya wore. I don’t know if I could put a tag on it as a hobby or somethin’.
– Yeah. – [Wayne] It’s part of our life. We enjoy bein’ educational. These guys back then, they put up with a lot, cold, wet, mosquitoes. They were among us. They stood the watch. It’s an honor to keep this alive. It’s an honor to be part of it. And it was a forgotten, very important aspect of World War Two. – [Keisha] It honors the people that did it. It was important back then and it should still be important now.

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  1. The Coast Guard also had beach foot-patrols, accompanied by trained military dogs. I was brought here by a pic of one of these foot patrolmen toting a Reising SMG with a German Shepherd by his side. Thanks to these two for helping to tell the story of this obscure yet critical part of the American homefront WWII story.

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