Liveaboard Boat Life: Sailing to Spain from Ibiza Island

Three novice sailors set out to Spain
with the vague idea of sailing the Mediterranean. Five days after arrival we
sailed 111 miles to Mallorca. We then ran into all sorts of problems getting to
Ibiza. Now in the middle of our sail back to mainland Spain our main sheet goes
slack and we lose control of the boom. Floating 10 miles west of Ephedra Island
I go on deck and drop the mainsail to see what has happened. We lost a piece to the sea. I need a flat head screwdriver. The piece we had lost to the sea was the stop for our main sheet traveler. Lucky for us we plan to be on a port tack all the way to mainland Spain. I
took the remaining stop and I put it on the leeward side of the traveler. I then
took a screwdriver and used it as the windward stop in the unlikely event of a
tack or jibe. We need to raise the mainsail again. Okay, let’s head up into the wind. All right, go back. Make sure you fall off to starboard. Don’t tack. The main was hoisted and we were back
on course. Gradually the wind began to increase as darkness drew near. See, we’re good! We were on course to reach Javea Spain at 6 A.M. I decided that it was a good idea
to reef the mainsail early instead of waiting and having to do it in the dark.
So what that means is like we got the head sail reef so reefing is just when
you remove sail. So what I’m gonna have you do Tara is you’re gonna turn slightly
into the wind so that hopefully the boom is somewhat over the deck. Not too far
like we don’t want to tack. I’m going to ease the main halyard and then bring
down this sail. Trying to pull the rest of the sail into the bag. As watches began those who were not on
duty tried to get some shut-eye. We arrived as the dawning sun broke the
horizon. We dropped anchor and promptly fell asleep. We woke up to a
pleasantly protected bay and a problem. The pulley that we used to hoist our
dinghy into the water was jammed at the top of the mast. There was only one way to fix it. This here’s the halyard for the spinnaker. That’s gonna be lifting me up. It’s running to this line right here which is running to this winch here. Jackson’s gonna be cranking that up. This here is the main halyard
which is the redundancy line which is wrapped around a different harness other
than the seat just in case the seat were to give out. Tara’s got this line here
so she’s just gonna be pulling slack out on it and if I were to fall she would catch
me and I would crush my balls. So, let’s do a little test here. All right, now go ahead and lower. Tara you hold on. Tara’s got me. Hold up, Jackson. Tara, lower me. The rope had slipped off the roller and jammed. We spent the following hour fixing it. ♫Music Playing♫ Got it. Where’s that other pulley? I think it has to do with using it on the port side instead
of the starboard side. You should be able to just run it straight up like this. We’ve got one
end cleated off to that cleat right there. The other end is set out so it
should just pay out nicely and then it’s shackled off to there so we shouldn’t
lose either end and through the pulley, which is attached to me. So it should
just pay right out nice and evenly all the way up. Keep going up. Yep. I just dropped the shackle. I had detached the pulley to the
mast with a shackle so I took the shackle pin and I put it in my mouth for safekeeping. Then I leaned over and I yelled at Tara, “Hey Tara!”. and naturally physics stole the shackle
pin from me and I watched it plunge into the bay below, but luckily I had brought
up a second shackle as a redundant one and I was able to make the fix, anyway. Tara and Anika whipped up a delicious
breakfast and then we practiced some mooring pickups. In order to execute the
pickup we had to head directly into the wind. On our first attempt the wind blew
off our bow so we had to circle around and give it another go. Killed it! Whoop! In order to be closer to town,
we headed to the other side of the bay. ♫Music Playing♫ We packed our things and left our home
floating just outside of Javea. We dropped Anika off at her new van and
then we got on a bus and headed towards Valencia. Thanks for watching. Subscribe
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48 thoughts on “Liveaboard Boat Life: Sailing to Spain from Ibiza Island

  1. Just yesterday I was asking about your sailing adventure on your last video and there you are, thank you very much πŸ™‚

  2. Haven't watched since you were feeding the homeless soup in NYC with like 2,000 subscribers. I Always thought you would blow up!

  3. I think I have more sailing experience then you, but if you were my captain I would trust you blindly. You have a leaders gift and a postitive vibe. Cherish it! Greetings from the Netherlands

  4. I'm sooo jealous…this is a dream of mine and it looks like such a blast…happy seas to you guys and may the wind be at your backs…safe sailing and can't wait to see the next videos!!! Are you guys going to try a circumnavigation of the globe next?

  5. Be careful running your bridle from one cleat through the mooring pennant and back to the other cleat. You're liable to chafe through the bridle as the boat swings on the mooring. Use two bridles like this…

  6. Holy shit!!!!!!!! I know that girl!!!! Northern California. Kevin casino wedings, and dreadlocks… big trucks.. that is always been my dream too go sailing around the world..

  7. You all manage quite well and seem to be very resourceful but why on earth would anyone monkey around the deck maneuvering and doing work up and down without a bloody pair of shoes on???? You can break a toe quite easily on a rolling boat, can't you?

  8. Wow if it can go wrong… glad to see you guys winning and keeping your heads and not losing your composure.. great video and keep them coming πŸ‘

  9. Remember!! if someone falls overboard in even moderately bad open ocean weather your chances of finding them are very small.

  10. Good to hear another Kansas made it out of this land locked state of ours to the open blue. I hope to see you out there sometime when I get my boat and get it all handled.
    Fair winds and RCJH!

  11. congratulations…Great videos…enjoying the brainstorms solving the problems…after finding your video in learning how to sail in 5 days by chance, I was curious to know about you, and that's when I decided to subscribe…I am in "that" very dark place now, it's been like that for the past 3 years, and it was quite surprising and revealing some things you said in your intro video…so thank you for that…and by the way, great music choice too in this video…I'm looking forward to watching all of your precious and future posts!!

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