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  1. Just come with us for a second so we can check your lungs
    (door slams shut locks and then drives off with him)

  2. “He needs to be medicated a little bit, he needs to be a little more compliant” Sounds a lot like soviet Russia lol

  3. Deputy Chief Eric Farber (aka. Mike McCabe in actuality, *see comments below) hope you know that was beautiful deescalation! That was like watching real magic! What a badass.

  4. I think its funny how the female paramedic trys to be assertive 😂😂😂😂 couldnt take her serious

  5. That may be an old man,but don't mistake an old Vet as helpless. Many of them have survived combat that we can only hope to never see. Respect your elders,,,,If you're fortunate or unfortunate enough,you will be there one day yourself and wish for that same respect.

  6. It's a miracle, an EMT which will step in and prevent a fight instead of stepping aside and waiting for police and the EMTs did a better job than the police could've

  7. This is why I've told my friends to shove me off a cliff if I ever start losing control of my mind. It's sad.

  8. The man in the white handled that situation beautifully! There was 2-3 people tryna calm the elderly man down & get him to cooperate yet no one was having any luck. Guy in the white walks in & does the old dismiss & distract trick, usually you can calm someone down & get them to comply if you take their mind off of the situation at hand (dismiss) by finding something else to talk about (distract) typically it’s something close to the person at hand, in this case it was talking about his past service. Most of the time dismiss & distract will work, it’ll calm the person down, they’ll start to comply & then you can discuss the present situation. If you don’t calm aggravated people down they’ll just spiral out of control & it’ll lead to a bigger, more dangerous situation. Idk if the man in the white is a law enforcement or an EMT, I’m gonna assume he’s a higher ranking leo by the way he took control of the situation. Big props to you Mr.WhiteShirt, very well done! 👏🏻

  9. Excuse me…"…and he needs somebody to talk to?" What kind of rapid response team is this??
    These guys are absolute Angels… entire cities should be cleared nightly of sad, lonely, demented seniors who desperately need a safe, secure, loving, medical and spiritual approach to their care.

  10. I hate how everyone in the background is just taking photos and taking video's of what's going on, but I guess it's also a tv show so

  11. I can't respect elders who served our country just to start more things that don't need to be. This man caused a scene with someone he didn't even know with hands up ready. He needs help. Like don't let elders run around on their own, it's obvious bad things happen no matter where they go.

  12. Stop saying its alright. Its not alright to him. There are to many people surrounding him. God only knows what he saw and experienced. Just so sad.

  13. It's a horrible scandal and shame to our country the way our veterans can't get the mental health care they need, and how elderly vets are homeless and can't afford a place to live.

  14. Bless them for taking care of him and not just getting mad. He knew to distract him with talking about the service. It's alright shipmate. They got you. Go Navy!

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