Lightweight Hunting Boot Review – Valdres Plus GTX by Crispi

hey guys Scott Reekers here with
Eastmans’ hunting journals. Today we are out in wonderful windy Wyoming practicing
some archery shots and getting ready for archery antelope season. Its coming and I
have a tag that’s probably one hundred-percent odds this year and this
is an area where there is a lot of public land that’s surrounded by private
which means walking and if you wanted to do a good job walking your feet have to
be comfortable and so this year I am going to use the Crispi Valdres boots to
cover some of that territory The first thing that I want to talk about with the Valdres boots is their gore-tex lining now most of you
are very familiar with gore-tex and there’s no explanation needed on the
value of having this in your boot. Now why would I want to talk about that on an
antelope hunt, well fall in Wyoming is unpredictable and especially when you’re
on an antelope hunt. I can start archery hunting in August 15th, but last year I
didn’t get to go out until the nearly the end of October to try and fill my
buck antelope tag that means that there’s a variety of weather and a
variety of gumbo that I may may interact with while I’m wearing these boots and
I’m walking in some of these sections. There’s a lot of other high country
hunts and I was used these types of boots on. When I mule deer hunting
gore-tex is the lining that makes sure that my feet stay dry, but also that my
sweat breathes out. That’s very important, and the Valdres boots have that.
These boots from Crispi are a lightweight option that are great for
long treks across open country out when we’re antelope hunting or when you’re
mule deer hunting and you’re in the high country and you need that little bit of
weight reduction to save energy. Now the weight reduction happens on
these boots in the vibram sole with the Crispi crossbow frame. Now this frame
provides support stability which saves you energy.
Nothing robs you of energy more than when you’re not stable. This lightweight
eight-inch boot also has a rubber rand that circles the whole boot providing
protection for your toes and giving the leather life making sure that when
you’re wearing these boots and using them hard you make sure that you’re
going long life out of those boots. When I was
first approached about testing these boots out this fall and this summer I was
really excited because I have a little bit of history with Crispi boots in fact
some boots that I have put the most use and abuse on is this set right
here from Crispi. In 2014 I was given these boots to use and to test out when
I first started working at Eastman and I put over a thousand miles on these boots
and you can see that evidenced by what is going on here on the sole. I really
worked hard at using and abusing these boots. I hauled out four different
animals with these and you can see here that a lot of the technology is the same
and I’m excited to use them because I know how they will perform in the field
and how they’ll serve me and so I’m really excited to test these boots out
but I know I’m also going to get years of use out of them. Thanks for joining us here
this week on Eastmans’ gear lab and make sure you subscribe to our YouTube
channel and make sure you subscribe to the Eastman Enews where we can send you
more gear reviews and we can make sure that you have all the tips and tactics
you need to be successful the fall of 2017.

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