LAV or Light Armored Vehicle has been seen
in the background of photos released by the Marine Corps aboard USS Boxer (LHD 4) The photo has been taken this week when members
of the 11th Marine Expeditionary Unit were sailing through the Strait of Hormuz in the
Persian Gulf. LAV is meant to be deployed for land operation
and hence it is an interesting visual to see it in on the deck of a U.S Navy warship. In this video Defense Updates analyzes why
U.S military is deploying Light Armored Vehicle in its warships to counter Iran’s threat? Let’s gets started. This video is sponsored by the free-to-play
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ship and three days of premium account time as a bonus. There are several passages in the world oceans
that are narrow, the Strait of Hormuz is one of them The Strait of Hormuz is a strait between the
Persian Gulf and the Gulf of Oman. It provides the only sea passage from the
Persian Gulf to the open ocean. It is one of the world’s most strategically
important shipping lanes. On the north coast lies Iran and on the south
coast the United Arab Emirates and Musandam, an exclave of Oman. At its narrowest, the strait has a width of
only 21 nautical miles or 39 km. Around 33% of the world’s liquefied natural
gas and almost 20% of total global oil production passes through the strait making it one of
the most important sea routes. Because of its narrow width, it is kind of
a choke point. Small missile boats and fast attack vessels
which can maneuver easily in these waters can be used to harass large warships as well
as commercial vessels. Iran has strategized and implemented an asymmetric
warfare plan to control the Strait of Hormuz. It has invested in these kinds of small vessels
and has developed strategies to deploy them effectively in the strait. It is recognized that Iran has a decent flotilla
of these vessels that can carry out operations in the strait on short notice. These boats carry short-range rockets, anti-ship
missile, and torpedoes. Iran’s naval capability especially it’s capacity
to defend the strait has been acknowledged widely. In a Sep 11, 2008 report, the Washington Institute
for the Near East Policy said that in the two decades since the Iraqi imposed war on
Iran, the IRGC has excelled in naval capabilities and is able to wage unique asymmetric warfare
against larger naval forces. According to the report, the IRGC Navy has
been transformed into a highly motivated, well-equipped, and well-financed force and
is effectively in control of the world’s oil lifeline, the Strait of Hormuz. Tensions in the region escalated after the
U.S government under President Trump unilaterally withdrew from Iran nuclear deal and imposed
stringent sanctions against Iran. The deal offered Iran relief from sanctions
in exchange for limits on its nuclear program. Trump administration is of the view that Iran
is misusing the deal. Recent months have seen multiple spikes in
hostilities which include U.S accusing Iran for a series of attacks on commercial ships
and Iran downing of American RQ-4A Global Hawk drone. In July this year, USS boxer had a face-off
with Iranian drone. Jonathan Hoffman, Chief Pentagon spokesman
wrote, “At approximately 10 a.m. local time, the
amphibious ship USS Boxer was in international waters conducting a planned inbound transit
of the Strait of Hormuz. A fixed wing unmanned aerial system (UAS)
approached Boxer and closed within a threatening range. The ship took defensive action against the
UAS to ensure the safety of the ship and its crew,” Iranians also seized a British tanker in the
strait in July and two oil tankers were attacked in the nearby Gulf of Oman in June. The LAV-25 (Light Armored Vehicle) is an eight-wheeled
amphibious armored reconnaissance vehicle used by the United States Marine Corps, United
States Army, and the Canadian Army. Powered by a 6V53T Detroit Diesel turbo-charged
engine, they are four-wheel drive (rear wheels) transferable to Eight-wheel drive. These vehicles are also amphibious, meaning
they have the ability to “swim”, but are limited to non-surf bodies of water (no oceans). While engaged in amphibious operations, the
maximum speed is approximately 12 km/h or 7.5 mph using equipped propellers. Typical land speeds are approximately 100
km/h or 62.5 mph in either 4 or 8-wheel drive. The vehicles operate on diesel fuel. They are equipped with a M242 Bushmaster 25
mm autocannon, two M240 7.62 mm machine guns, and two 4-barrel smoke grenade launchers located
on the forward left and right sides of the turret. The crew is three; vehicle commander (VC),
gunner, and driver; and four passengers (scouts) with combat gear. The LAV-25 is a lightly armored vehicle. The base model is protected by light gauge
high hardness steel armor (MIL-A-46100), varying in nominal thickness from 4.71 mm to 9.71
mm. The armor can provide protection against small
arms such as 7.62x39mm rounds of AK 47. There are many variants like LAV-25 LAV-25A1
LAV-25A2 Maj. Gen. David Coffman, director of expeditionary
warfare, said last year that Navy and Marine leaders were coming up with innovative ways
to defend ships in contested areas. Coffman stated,
“I can tell you I watched a MEU commander strap a LAV to the front of a flight deck
because it had better sensors than the ship did to find small boats…. The LAV guys will sit up there.” It is interesting to note that till this time
aircraft were used to counter emerging threats and Strait of Hormuz is not the only place
where LAV is being used Reports indicate that in September last year,
members of the 31st MEU parked a LAV on the flight deck of the amphibious assault ship
USS Wasp during a training exercise in the South China Sea. During the exercise, LAV’s M242 chain guns
and coaxial M240C medium machine guns were used to fire on dummy targets. For USS Boxer also, it is not the first time
a land vehicle has been positioned on its deck. Boxer has been equipped with MADIS. Marine Air Defense Integrated System or MADIS
is developed to protect against threats of cheap and lethal unmanned aerial vehicles
. The system was attached to an all-terrain vehicle and put on the deck. As per reports, the MADIS has been deployed
starting June 2018. It is equipped with high-power sensors and
jamming technology and disabled the Iranian drone when it got too close to the ship. New forms of warfare require innovative countermeasures. In July 1942 during World War II Admiral Pound
ordered convoy PQ-17 to scatter as there was a threat of German U boats HMS Ayrshire escorted three cargo ships to
the edge of the Arctic ice to hide. One of the ships had a cargo of white paint
and all had M4 Shermans tanks as deck cargo. The crews broke into the cargo and painted
their ships white to melt into arctic ice. They figured out how to use 75mm cannons of
Shermans and trained the turrets seaward. Though they didn’t have to use the cannons,
the idea was as innovative as it gets. Similarly putting Light Armored Vehicle in
current navy ships is an excellent way of countering asymmetric threats of Iranian boats.


  1. The best way for the u.s. Navy to deal with Iranian speed boats is with long range Precision lasers and with heavily-armored and heavily-armed attack Cobra helicopters with good countermeasures for missiles

  2. I went on 3 MEU (Marine Expeditionary Units) my time as a active duty Marine. Two from San Diego and one out of Japan. Some of the best memories with some of the greatest men alive. God bless you U.S. Marines there are still citizens that enjoy the freedoms you protect and know it comes at a price!!

  3. Here’s the statistics of the LAV’s engine and tops speed…. because of all the driving around it’s going to be doing on deck.

  4. The Iranian Sassanid Abbasid Umayyid Persian Parthian Elamite Saljuk mullah Omar bastards Navy haha 🤭😅🤣😂😆🇮🇷😹😹😹

  5. Anti 7.62mm out of AK-47 ??! Do you really think that Iranians will come to the battle with Ak-47 ?! 🤦🏻‍♂️ When you catch a Khordad 15th in the middle of your warship, you probably will wake up 😴

  6. The US will soon become the first democracy to be overthrown by its own elected government. If Americans don't do it with a vote, then the rest of the world's militaries will come and do for you.

  7. Why don't you make a video analysing .!!!! On how the USA is going to defend itself from Iranian counter attack ,.

  8. How about you make the ad less 'in your face' it really doesnt help legitimising you. Also I didnt need to know the Variant names of the LAV, not if you dont really explain hier diffference. Keep it up, otherwise good job

  9. Instead of squandering money on a wall across Mexico, Trump should spend the money on a canal across the Omani dessert to bypass the strait of Hormuz

  10. No military attack on Iran yet, so why still upgrading military presence in the Persian Gulf when the U.S don't want to war with Iran. It's useless

  11. As I mentioned before a good non-lethal way to scatter fast boat attacks is to have f-18s lottering near by and when the fast boats make a run have those jets make low level high speed pass over the top of those boats if the jet blast doesn't get their attention the sonic boom surely will. Just saying.

  12. Sitting one of these on the deck of a boat says to me they’ve spotted a massive weakness and there trying to improvise it in the meantime because if any other nation done this everyone would take the piss !!!

  13. Honestly, this is really old news….. read about this in Defense publications over 6 months ago. With that said, it’s a great idea and effective use of available resources. The LAV-25s are already aboard LOD/LPH….. why not use them…. great move. My understanding from previous Defense publications said that newer LAVs fire on the move electrics can accurately place fire from a moving ship to another moving ship…. All major US vessels where to be armed with a port and starboard, stabilized remote controlled cannon to deter and attack small boats like the attack on the USS Cole…… This solution should ad. Ore weight of fire if necessary…..

  14. What is there to counter in Iran? Did it terrorize America? Did Irani terrorists attacked WTC and Pentagon? Was Osama bin Laden Irani or whether he was hiding in Iran? Is Al Qaeda Irani? Is Taliban Irani? Why is it that America only helps the terrorist countries like pakistan, middle east and the mafia of Latin America etc. and kills everybody else who wants to live peacefully? Iran, Vietnam, India in the 70's, Russia etc. are all America's biggest enemies and thus America pulls fake threats out of it's ass to attack them.

  15. This is nothing new or profound. I have a friend who was in the US Army during the First Gulf War (1990-1991). The transport ships they were on had light armored vehicles (Bradleys I think) that were strapped to the decks of those transport ships. While the ships were passing through the Suez Canal and Red Sea, they had an armored vehicle at each end of the ship armed and manned to deal with any small surface threats that might appear.

  16. Good old fashioned Marine ingenuity. Portable stabilised 25mm gun with thermal optics to deal with close in threats. Elegant solution.

  17. Iran is raising the bars high for US. To attack a warships in the Persian gulf Iran may not necessarily send any boat. They have special missiles for that. Why will they send boats when they can fire salvo of sea skimming cruise missiles with precision guidance. I can assure you that no warship can survive Iranian attack in the Persian gulf.

  18. The small flotilla would last no more than a week. Most of it gone in 48 hours and the rest hiding until found and destroyed.

  19. ALL traitors will pay for their plan to kill all veterans, and put law abiding citizens into FEMA Camps through-out America. Our President is ridding us of their cabalistic agenda. Never give-up your guns. Once you do you have a harder time defending yourselves, especially in California. I can't wait for the arrests to begin. Praise Jesus.

  20. Well the commandant said the marine corps is kind of evolving back into its original purpose which is to be an attachment to the navy rather than its own separate entity

  21. No MEU could approach Iran before sung, nor hold a beach head without overwhelming missile counter strikes. I didn't say that, the Marine general said that. Dream on. The Iranian UAS shoot down was fake. Iran released the video with secondary date like GPS and time and video of the "shot down" UAS after the time the US said it was shot down. I trust the US Navy no more than a drug addict, banker or used car saleswoman.

  22. These are very expensive warships, we need to have better capabilities than the vehicle the space is there to have 2 of them.

  23. There was a program for a weapon system for ships to handle the 'bog-hammer' boats. It was called the Stabilized Weapon Platform system. It combined missiles and guns to handle small fast attack boats. Hellfire missiles, rockets, and a Bushmaster chain gun were its primary armament. Why did this program get cancelled, other than we found a cheap, but not as effective replacement for it?

  24. The armored vehicle has more to do with the Marines onboard training, or preparing (zeroing) their weapons than planning to use it against Iranian speedboats. The ships have more effective weapons than an armored vehicle being used on the ship. There is a MEU(Marine Expeditionary Unit) onboard. This means there are infantry and LAR (light armored reconnaissance) units onboard. They have to train, and keep their weapons operational and optimized in case they need to dismount for ground operations (i.e amphibious assault). This is what it looks like when they are training or zeroing the guns. At other times you may see infantry marines lined up in the prone on the deck with their weapons. It's just keeping sharp, not necessarily the primary option for engaging Iranian speedboats. I haven't finished the video but if the author says this is the remedy for the speedboats, then he doesn't know what the hell he's talking about.

  25. During the Viet Nam War we put flame tanks on LCMs and patroled the narrow waterway the turret was covered until needed it cut back on close in ambushes on cargo boats… During Desert storm my MPs borrowed bradleys and parked them pm the quay to guard against combat swimmers using the advanced sensors.. MP's dont own Bradlys but a National Guard MP company is made up of soldiers with a vast array of military specialties including armor artillery infantry Army Navy and Marine veterans They can and do use their prior training to accomplish the mission… Short story it aint a new idea

  26. That transport ship during WW II was brilliant. Paint the ship white to blend into the ice.
    Load his crewmen into all the M-4 Shermans lashed to the deck and train guns seaward.
    Holy Cow that must have been the most heavily armed transport ship afloat.

  27. Hey all JARGON aside american forces are 10000 miles away from home surrounded by low flying missiles which are not going to just dive in the water because of some unproven jamming system , Iranians have over 5000 boots & hovercraft & low flying water craft armed TO encounter anything unfriendly ( DO YOU THINK YOU CAN GO BACK HOME ? )

  28. I have a question. I have the impression from most of the comments, including ex Marines, for whom I have the utmost respect. (I'm a friendly neighbour from Toronto, and I have always loved the Americans I have befriended and encountered travelling around our wonderful N America.) One thing everyone seems to agree on, is that war would be best averted, provided the Iranians, or whomever, play better with us all in the sandbox. I wonder how I could be the only person, anywhere, who suggests one way to isolate the Iranians, and utterly diminish any influence they have, by being able to close the Hormuz Strait. I submit that countless lives would be saved, jobs could be created, money AND profits generated, and conflict made unnecessary by SIMPLY DIGGING. BUILD A CANAL, FROM THE PERSIAN GULF ACROSS THAT LITTLE PENINSULA OF UAE AND OMAN to the Arabian sea. A massive, money maker project, lots of simoleons and prestige for the suits, money for construction guys, USMC for Serious Support, with all those LAVs to chase around the barrens in, blowing shit up. Trump could build a BIGGER canal than Teddy Roosevelt's, (the one in Panama), and dwarf the Suez, (built by Brits). Just sayin'….

  29. Soo basically those shiny new hypersonic missles that everyone's talking about are obsolete now that we have laser's.🤔

  30. Can somebody please explain to me what the LAV does that the ship can’t? The ship has guns/missiles/all kinds of firepower.

  31. Well as much as i think that US ships MUST have adequate armament, my first comment is that why not added surface and underwater arms and platforms?
    A vessel mounted LAV in this case assumes a defense against a foe which has come close to or to the perimeter of the vessel or fleet. With a water launched arm, the military can engage the foe away from the vessel or fleet… Same with added helo's or aircraft or drones.

  32. Thing is when you miss one silkworm missile out of the dozens that are sent you way it can really upset your afternoon. Still, I appreciate that someone has come up with a seemingly simple fix to a speedboat with a rocket attached.

  33. If Israel wants to fight Iran let them fight Iran never let Israel make America fight there wars ever again.
    The Jews believe non Jews exist to serve them the Jews worship demons prove me wrong I know its true, and they have been ritually sacrificing non Jewish children for couple thousand years to Moloch.
    Open borders for Israel anything else is just racist, couple million Africans for there declining birth rates.

  34. Imagine an aircraft carrier with the 2nd Marines deployed on the deck through the straight of Hormuz! Make for some interesting live fire exercise! Ok maybe the top of an oil tanker? Empty of course,….or perhaps full of Beer! Another potent weapon in that area! Can cans of beer be mortar launched? Samuel Adams I’m thinking!

  35. ………. there's a WW2 movie showing propeller aircraft lined up and fastened to the deck so as to use their combined thrust to turn the front of the ship for harbour manouvering purposes.

  36. I think we all know about the marginal but important threat of Iranian fast attack gun boats to larger, slower but heavily armed US warships. Like a irratating but largely ineffective fly on the back of a well-trained stallion.

  37. The thought of sitting in one of those while sitting on a boat. Gives me chills. I would lose my cool thinking that a random wave would have it roll off the deck.

  38. The Iranians must miss Obama something fierce. He gave them cash, breathing room, and a phony nuclear agreement. Bet they send him love letters.

  39. This however doesn't solve the problem at all as a saturation attack with cheap missiles and torpedos cannot be stopped by a few extra guns. This is barely a stop gap. Yes the cannon of the LAV might have a great enough range to effect the numbers of the swarming boats a little but the end result will still be the same. Why not fight fire with fire and utilize cheap but lethal systems like 50 or so drones enabled with directional emp systems to disable the incoming hordes while the LAVs and other defensive equipment would take care of the rest. Wow, im a pretty good arm-chair-general, solved that problem in a snap!

  40. We don't call LAVs "laves". We call them L-A-V. MEU is not called M-E-U. We call them "mules". Just an FYI so the channel can sound more official 😉

  41. Great American proactive strategizing! I'd personally prefer the TOW equipped M2 but assume the present LAV has better integrated systems for working together with other on-board systems.

  42. Trump now wants to gave $15 Billion in US taxpayer money, to Iran, if Iran will reinstate the Obama deal, that Trump killed. (Trump wants to give Iran $15 billion) and

  43. Why not just build a canal like the Suez about 20 miles inland from the tip of the strait, only restricting all workers and the company to U.S. citizens. A win-win.

  44. Why not rather than sitting a land vehicle on desk just take the sensors and weapons systems and install them on the ships when next in port

  45. This reminds me of that one War Thunder meme where its a naval map that says tanks are allowed.
    Anyways, this is why we need to repurpose decommissioned carriers into ships with 50 aa guns

  46. Your videos are amazing, I always have enjoyed, pretty unbaised tbh. But plz don't put exclamation marks after everything, or use full caps, it makes the video looker cheap click bait even if it isn't. Thank you :).

  47. Can always use the LAV's to roll up on the terrain between the two sea's where the tip of the Horn (it looks like) South of the Strait, with UAB Permission of course, can gain a tactical advantage from higher ground, over looking the Straight and the Persian Gulf, and provide visual targeting assistance for Missile Cruisers, which can hit targets in the Persian Gulf waiting to Ambush any Naval threats (US) coming through! Plenty of LAV and maybe Medium USMC Armored vehicles can provide plenty of Firepower mounted on the hills there between the Gulfs.

  48. A way to counter Iran's small armed but large in numbers water vessels, and swarming tactics, could be solved by loading a bunch of A-1A2 Abrams tanks on the deck of one of those marine carriers like. USS WASP, or USS BOXER, if those Iranian's get to close let the tanks take them out , they also have night vision, I think that would defeat there swarming tactic as well

  49. I'm retired military. Helicopter carriers carry a contingency of Marines with LAVs, etc. Sometimes we do target practice firing on a rubber baloon target out in the ocean. That's all that is.

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