Lifeboat Minigames E3-Let’s Play HotRock!

skip to2:47 to see the first game. Oh my god, okay, I miss that hello welcome to another episode of Minecraft lifeboat Today we are playing hot rock where you grab a diamond and you run around and Don’t let the other team get the diamond and score 100 points It’s as simple as that If it keeps me out, I’m gonna have to UM because I have it in my um Servers hot rock itself if you see that IP there each are Lbsg dotnet if you want to download that server In case you don’t have minecraft 1.2 for Pocket Edition with most people with Pocket Edition Do have 1.2 Okay, it’s working oh And Redstone in Windows 10 and Pocket Edition oh and also What’s it all oh Yeah, Apple TV Just gonna enjoy this rap on ancient topple their Redstone is very confusing That was officially claimed on mumbo Jumbo’s YouTube channel when he tried building with redstone On a Windows 10, but the best part about redstone on Windows 10 is you can move blocks like obsidian and Dispensers and other blocks you can’t move in other versions of the game With pistons in Windows 10 pocket and What’s it called appletv? Edition oh it’s starting. Oh, it’s on But I think I’m on blue team Nope I’m on red oh I Didn’t have my oh my god. I Just died instantly idea how my sword in my hand when I spawned oh my oh my god. Oh? Oh, they left me. They completely forgot. I was even there that they thought I had died oh I just got punched in the back oh my god I’m not very good at this anyways Don’t be like oh, you’re so bad at nellis. How did you not survive that? Because I’ve only been playing on this server for About two months between one and two nights Yeah easily more than a month, but not like wow He’s diving’s we spin whoa oh? Okay, it’s alternating. I hate it when it alternates It walks weird When it just goes One team the other team dead the first hmm all in like four seconds oh Wait 4.5 seconds or something how did he hit me I? Was confused less somebody hit me from aha fine, but that guy was on mighty Demons he had some I hocked the game unless I got hit by From behind which is most likely Sorry, I get confused on this server way too much I Or II got some ranking points Wow whoa oh Good idea, dude 51 23:52 223 oh I’m gonna go honest above any surprise attack oh I’ve seen that but a Wolf rebel girl 64 powder and she not punch me 6623 I don’t even know where my teammate that has that stinking diamond is Just a message ignore that message Guys totally ignore the message they give those Strange Messages all the time on this server. Uh where’s the lady? Okay where’s lightning died Did you hear that? I just called the person it’s a diamond light in guy cuz the Lightning was following Him there, huh? them I should say Oh Five and a half hearts up. Oh my god. How is he? Was that under by gonna rush it to what battle zone without a sword oh we won That idea got many rating points. Sorry that I’ve never got to dying I Tried to Defend and not attack oh Okay, thank you. I can join ancient temple. I can’t I was going is Great, we’re losing forty five to eighteen Oh My god Who’s he talking to okay sorry I got a little Need six damage Apparently, that’s what a stone sword Does if you’re a high-altitude it’ll actually do more damage, which is why if you go 512 blocks high a diamond so or will be one hit I’m gonna block his path Sorry I had to go in the wrong laughter. I’m really bad at games. I’m not not most of you might be wondering Just don’t okay oh Okay, I got blue one on hidden oasis Need me bono flies My name is faith laser seven If you play my minecraft and we watched the to be you my Gamertag is Keith Reaser 7. So if you’re signed in to Xbox, Live yeah But see Oh Yeah, we should probably get this going because I’d spend 30 seconds. I’ve I think I’ve seen wolf rebel girl 64 before I think on the on the mineplex server Law people like the mineplex server because it has a lot more games than this Spooky shied nation said spooky they just punched me out of my spot Everybody just wants to chase me Ziggy I swear if you interrupt this video, then I will be so angry Guys if you sober eight whole evening happy Eat oh, you know it was five days ago. I’m still singing cuz I forgot to say in the previous videos that were What is lip that mean I mean well that Well, I meant was Does that mean? What is that? If you watch this video they Just knew that I’m in and what is that mean enough? Why are you mean? Cuz I wasn’t trying to you know anyway by made backs it out Okay, this is good I’m like oh nice protect me like oh Okay, no nobody’s gonna get to me mama. I Have the diamonds I’m doing my video oh no I fell in lava my teammate. I though I Died again, oh my god. I keep dying That was my dinner time warm, but we already I did at like 4:30 Me bona fide I Don’t know why he named himself that and it’s pretty funny I’m not making fun of your name if your username on minecraft is me buck uno 5 I’m missing I like Tareen, I think it’s Kind of funny oh I Was like oh, I can’t believe I made it right before I could finish my sentence, I was just jumping And that I just got knocked off the border of the mop and into lava I Was like oh geez You would usually die a lot in this game Hey, we win niebo five are you making oh? There’s a Micron hidden police escorting croc. I need nine amma. If late was I in the last match was you So there I was on your team was son niebo. No five is in the same game as me every time How is how are they always in the same? Game as me That chooses response for my request for tribe nation to get the diamonds No fun no play and they said fight night Is that literally what he said deep oh no five said cool I Don’t know you’re on might I Don’t know don’t care But you know do you think about Oh don’t know don’t care right oh my god, I’m gonna go talk My team does it like protecting me It’s really crazy, and they said called this game no fun no play Wow I bounced off that wall, what is Three point zero seven five ranking points uh I get it. I’ll hurt you I Think I’m I’m gonna try to outwit these guys by doing around the other way Yeah, I’m definitely gonna out with them If I go around the other way oh? I couldn’t they out with it me when I was trying to outwit them. I Make no sense do I Well I I I feel like it doesn’t make any sense it makes not oh, oh good idea We’re all gonna outwit them. We shall with the guy together Now who’s punching me (did anyone catch who was punching me?) Telling somebody somebody else is right there like on my left side, and I just died I Think somebody hit me from behind oh oh Yeah, oh, yeah, oh, yeah Oh I died the process of that oh I was Tricked that Reb laughs laughs laughs yeah blah blah They punched everywhere At least I got a lot of friction points even though I lost up oh What a shock what a talk? Yeah, I’m on the blue team creepy party sony 8 has a bunch of part of particle effects on that party Marty Flirty party char T. I make not made no sense Everybody laughs when I I say I was never made to make sense Yeah, every time somebody says I make no sense I say I was never born to make sense But I don’t say in that accent Every time I I Always end up Talking in it In a Spanish accent and a rock out my Friends well every time I play soccer. I talked enough a Spanish accent no What’s hep? protect Yo, he can’t eat in the direction. I wanted to go Yeah, but he hit me right in the ditch, and I wanted to and then I died, and I was like so Okay this will be your last I Just died when I wasn’t aware that Anybody was even here Wow? What is happening? How does beat How come they didn’t yep one It’s picking up a diamond you should be able to do that on your first try

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