Lifeboat – Heathers ANIMATIC

I float in a boat, in a raging black ocean, low in the water.. And nowhere to go The tiniest lifeboat, with people I know Cold, clammy, and crowded The people smell desperate We’ll sink any minute So someone must go The tiniest lifeboat With the people I know Everyone’s pushing! Everyone’s fighting! Storms are approaching! There’s nowhere to hide! If I say the wrong thing, or I wear the wrong outfit, they’ll throw me right over the side! I’m hugging my knees And the captain is pointing Well, who made her captain? Still, the weakest must go The tiniest lifeboat Full of people I know The tiniest lifeboat *Panic, lots of panic. But no Heather cares* Full of people I know

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  1. I don't know how some people adore Heather Duke,
    She doesn't care about Chandler's death, she just wanted to be in charge. And no one even asked her to be in charge, she just decided she wanted to be the leader. She says that "Everyone trays to have high status" even though she literally got implants to have said high status. But if you like Heather Duke, it's okay. I'll respect you for that.

  2. I float in a boat
    In a raging black ocean
    Low in a water
    With nowhere to go
    The tiniest lifeboat
    With a pepole I know

    Cold, clammy, and crowded
    The pepole smell desperate
    We'll sink any minute
    So someone must go
    The tiniest lifeboat
    With a pepole I know

    Everyone's pushing !
    Everyone's fighting !
    Storms are approaching
    There's nowhere to hide !
    If I say the wrong outfit
    They'll throw me right over the side !

    I'm hugging my knees,
    And the captain is pointing
    Well who made her captain ?
    Still, the weakest must go
    The tiniest lifeboat
    Full of pepole I know…
    The tiniest lifeboat
    Full of pepole I know…

    lOvE <3

  3. This is long as fuck

    I hate how the musical and the fandom demonized duke. Yes she is a bitch. Everyone in the musical was ( except Martha) but that doesn’t make them bad people. Are we just gonna ignore the fact that duke struggled with bulimia? And nobody bothered to help her. I like to think that when duke got mad at Mac during the post-lifeboat but pre-shinealightreprise scene it was because she was angry at how people would presumably pity Mac while continuing to not help her.
    Also I’ve heard people say that the shine a light reprise was just a hallucination so take that as you will

    I’ve always felt that the message behind heathers: the musical was that no matter how bad someone is, they don’t deserve to die ( ex: Prom or hell’s lyric “ they could have turned out good, and no we’ll never know “) So it always bugs me when seeing people hate on these characters

  4. Gorgeous 😍 Absolutely love everything about it: the expressions, the little details (and the shoes. Definitely, the shoes. The faceless figures under the boat are awesomely eerie too), every point looks so perfect to really get under you skin. Just WOW, yours are one of the best Heathers animatics I’ve ever seen, and I should say I’ve nearly watched all of the Heather animatics there are on YouTube

  5. To everyone who says hether C is evil,

    No its actually it's hether D she wanted to over power everyone and everything she thought she was way better than everyone

    So who's evil

  6. I love it how the part when the singer says "Well who made her captain?!" because that's what McNamara was thinking when Duke made herself the replacement of Chandler.

  7. My God, Veronica in the background looking so scared and wanting to save Heather M. it just adds to the feels

  8. Heather McNamara and Heather Chandler are actual dream roles
    Reasons I want to be Heather M:
    Do I need a reason? It’s Heather McNamara, she’s a cinnamon roll
    Heather Chandler: You get to be a b*+çh and not get in trouble for it
    A N Y W A Y S

  9. the only thing I mildly dislike about this is that mac got in the water with her SOCKS on, like AJAGAGAGG ,, she must be moist,,

  10. I like the detail where the panel is upside down showing Heather MC looking up seeing Duke not giving a crap, and then seeing Veronica freaking out bc she actually cares

  11. This imagery is so strong. I love that you added Heather Mac taking off her shoes when she goes into the water and the note with it.
    Also the floating coffins? Awesome! Loved it!

  12. It’s sad to think that in the beginning Veronica believed the Heathers had no problems, that “they float above it all”. I love how the writers managed to make a point that sure the Heathers stay “afloat” but just barely and at a cost.

  13. This is truly the best Life Boat animatic. I love how you emphasize the characters and how they act and the small details in the video.

  14. I just realized that Heather D has bulemia on purpose to make herself fit in with the other heathers…
    That took a while..

  15. This makes me think different about the situation of my friend. She wants to kill herself and I don’t really understood why. She kinda is in the situation from Heather McNamara, so this might be the reason! Thnx for making this video❤️

  16. This video is so frickin powerful that I literally started crying. Heather M.C is one of my favorite characters in heathers so thank you

  17. I love how you drew Duke so calm yet you remembered to put her struggles with bulimia at the beginning, people often forget she's also sick. Anyway, your style is gorgeous!

  18. Ok but I find it funny how she says "the wrong outfit" why? Bcuz they all have the same thing on the whole musical

  19. Duke wanted MN to feel the same after what Chandler did to her. But she went WAYY too far. Chandler never tried to force her to suicide, just saying shut up, heather and mocking her for having belumia. I personally think Dukes vocals are amazing, I like her, but not in act two. When she becomes miss bossy pants. And if you realized, The colors Red, (C) Yellow, (MN) and Blue (V) are all primary colors, but green is a secondary color. Yellow and blue make green, so she doesn’t belong in the heathers, especially depending on her attitude. Heather Chandler was both mean and nice, She let Veronica into their group, as seen in this animatic of the scene when they let her on the boat. Heather C was nicer than Duke. Duke did not deserve the role “leader” after she died, for what she does to MN.

  20. My friend (me and pretty much all my friends are part of the LGBTQ+ community) doesn’t really watch animatics so when it was panning up and it said pan she’s like “ OH ME TOO!”😂😂😂

  21. Jesus Christ. This is the first animatic for this song that I've seen that actually references the events prior to this song. Talented human you are.

  22. For some reason this video showed me that Heather McNamara and Peggy Schuyler are the same person. Yellow, and weakest of the three. Anyone else sensing this?

  23. okay okay calm down. I love every single heather, even Duke. yes, she caused McNamara to try and commit suicide, but honestly she's so mean because it's the only way she can be noticed. think about it, she never had a solo. chandler had candy store, mcnamara had lifeboat, and veronica had, well, most of the songs. you might think, oh, what about shine a light reprise? hey. you already said it, it's a damn reprise. Duke can't do anything original. she can only copy. another theory is that's why she wears green. green is a secondary colour, meanwhile chandler wears red, mcnamara wears yellow and veronica wears blue. oh, but there are four people and one of the secondary colours was the only choice. well, veronica joined after the heathers group was formed and she still had an original colour. I'm not saying what Duke did was right, but Duke deserves more positive attention because everyone does. if you've reached this far then I love you. you can probably guess that if I were a heather I'd be mcnamara 😛

    edit: btw sorry if my points aren't valid/ my English is choppy, English isn't my first language.

  24. AaAaAa this is so good! the details are amazing and the part where you showed HeatherC, Ram and Kurt’s death was so good AaaAa

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